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cold synonyms cold synonyms list

Cold synonyms

What is another word for Cold? Synonyms for Cold

bitterchilledalgid brisk crisp
rawcoolsharp chillfrigid
penetratingone-dog nightglacialrimybelow freezing
severebelow zeropiercingblastingnipping
sleetycoolishhave goose bumpsdesolatedismal
Synonyms for Cold

How would you describe cold weather? Words Describing Cold Weather

icy: very cold. low or subnormal temperature

biting: so cold that it causes discomfort

crisp: dry and cold

brisk: when a fairly sharp, strong, and cold wind is blowing

raw: disagreeably cold and damp

harsh: extremely cold and bitter

snowy: covered with snow

Cold Synonyms : Common Cold Synonym

Chilly Synonyms

  • chilly
  • harsh
  • bleak
  • wintry
  • frigid
  • inclement
  • arctic
  • icy
  • frosty
  • biting
  • freezing
  • bitter
  • raw
  • chill
  • parky
  • cool


  • hot
  • heated
  • warm
  • mild
  • sunny
  • balmy

Freezing Synonyms

  • chilly
  • biting
  • bitter
  • raw
  • chill
  • harsh
  • biting
  • bitter
  • penetrating
  • numbing
  • polar
  • Siberian
  • bleak
  • arctic
  • icy
  • frosty
  • wintry
  • frigid
  • inclement
  • parky
  • cool
  • glacial
  • wintry

Synonyms for Cold : Other Words Related to Cold

  1. blue
  2. dejected
  3. depressed
  4. droopy
  5. hangdog
  6. inconsolable
  7. desperate
  8. low
  9. melancholic
  10. despondent
  11. melancholy
  12. down 
  13. mirthless
  14. sad
  15. unhappy 
  16. woebegone
  17. woeful
  18. discomfiting
  19. hopeless
  20. pessimistic
  21. lamentable
  22. dismaying
  23. grim
  24. lowering 
  25. dispiriting
  26. distressful
  27. upsetting
  28. negative
  29. discouraging
  30. mournful
  31. dim
  32. plaintive
  33. sorrowful
  34. colorless
  35. drab
  36. dull
  37. dour
  38. lowery 
  39. disheartening
  40. menacing
  41. distressing 
  42. oppressive
  43. threatening

Antonyms for Cold

  • ardent 
  • warming
  • sweltering
  • blazing 
  • broiling
  • ultrahot
  •  scorching
  • burning
  • fiery
  • hot
  • igneous
  • molten 
  • piping hot
  • searing
  • boiling 
  • red-hot
  • roasting
  • scalding
  • igneous
  • seething
  • fervent
  • fervid 
  • sizzling
  • sultry
  • torrid
  • white-hot
  • glowing

Cold Words List : Cold & Winter Themed Idiomatic Expressions

This is an interesting list of winter-themed idioms that will help you enrich your English and make it twinkle like snow crystals.

1.To break the ice

To start a friendly conversation. To create a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Example sentence: Carmen is great at breaking the ice, she knows how to start conversations with new people.

2. Put something on ice

To delay or stop doing something

The whole project was put on ice because the market is sliding into a depression

3. Black ice

A dangerous very thin layer of ice that is difficult to notice found on roads and sidewalks

Olivia said that the black ice on her street was the cause of 5 motor accidents

4. Snow drift 

A deep pile of snow that wind builds up

The huge snowdrift caused the cars to stuck at the entrance to the main road

5. To be snowbound

A situation where someone is stranded or unable to leave a place because of heavy snowfall

The skiers were snowbound at the ski chalet for several days.

6. A snowball’s chance in hell

To have no chance of having something. To be very unlikely to succeed at something

Our football team had a snowball’s chance in hell to win the game

6. In the dead of winter

The middle coldest, darkest part of winter

It was in the dead of winter when Penelope first arrived in London.

7.Cold snap 

The sudden arrival of very cold weather

Lucy wasn’t prepared for the cold snap. All of her kids’ coats were still in storage.

8. To be on thin ice

To be in a risky bad situation

If you lose this job you will be on thin ice.

9. Pure as the driven snow

To be innocent and completely pure, often used ironically

He never thought Ruby was pure as the driven snow

10. Hot and cold

To undergo a sudden feeling of fear or worry

Samantha went hot and cold when the phone rang

11. The snowball effect 

A situation in which something small keeps growing in importance

His ultimate decision will have a snowball effect on the whole family

12. In the cold light of day

In the morning when things can be seen clearer rather than at night. when you have had time to think calmly

He prefers to think it over in the cold light of day

13. Snowed under 

To be overwhelmed. To have more work and responsibilities to deal with

I apologize to you I can’t visit you today since I am completely snowed under with work

14. Tip of the iceberg

only a small part of a much difficult situation or larger problem

Their recent quarrels are just the tip of the iceberg

What is another word for Cold?

Synonyms for Cold

You can download this ESL cold words list from the link below

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