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What Is an Example of a Subject Pronoun in a Sentence?

You may ask what is a subject pronoun? what is an example of a subject pronoun in a sentence? In English, Subject pronouns are short words that replace the subject of a sentence. We use subject pronouns mainly to avoid repetition, or where a name is not known. The subject pronoun used depends on how many nouns it is replacing, and person (first, second, or third.)

As a whole, subject pronouns are short words that take the place of nouns. In this example, The pronoun “they” can replace the noun “children”

Children play baseball on Saturdays. They play baseball on Saturdays.

The subject pronoun “they” comes before the verb “play”

These are some examples of subject pronouns in sentences:

  • I watch TV every night
  • You eat pizza every Friday
  • She goes to the gym after work
  • He takes the bus to school.
  • It is thirsty.
  • We are late for class.
  • You study early morning.
  • They take swimming lessons during summer holidays

What Are the 8 Subject Pronouns?

The English personal pronouns are:

First PersonIWe
Second PersonYouYou
Third PersonHe, She, ItThey
Subject Pronouns list
Subject Pronouns

We notice that the subject pronoun “you” is both singular and plural. When we speak to one person, we say you. When we speak to two or more persons, we also say you. For example:

  • Joe, you are an excellent good student.
  • Ellena and Ricky, you have to study more.

Just as nouns have gender, pronouns also do. I, we, and you can be used by males or females. The subject pronoun “He” is always masculine, while the pronoun “she” is always feminine, and the pronoun “it” is always neuter. The plural of the third-person pronouns is always “they”, whether masculine, feminine, or neuter.

If a pronoun replaces a noun in the sentence, it must have the same characteristics as the noun; that is to say, the same number (singular or plural) and the same gender (masculine, feminine, or neuter). Let’s have a look at this example where the pronoun “he” replaces the noun Tim:

  • Tim is a hard worker.  He is a hard worker.

(singular masculine noun/ subject) (singular masculine pronoun/ subject)

Subject Pronouns and Verbs Contractions

You should be aware that personal pronouns used as subjects can form contractions. Contractions
are formed with pronouns and certain verbs. Look at the examples that follow:

what is a subject pronoun?

Subject Pronouns Exercises:

Exercise 1:

Circle the pronoun that correctly completes each sentence:

  1. We/She/I has to go home at six o’clock.
  2. When do you/she/he leave on your trip to Maine?
  3. I/She/They were frightened during the thunderstorm.
  4. Why are it/you/he laughing?
  5. They/he/We wants to arrange a surprise party for her.
  6. What/I/They needs to be repaired right away?
  7. Where does I/you/she go every afternoon?
  8. He/You/We was sound asleep.
  9. They/She/He earn a very good salary.
  10. I/You/We am planning on early retirement.

Exercise 2:

Rewrite each sentence, changing the noun phrase in bold to the appropriate pronoun:

  1. My little nice is such a sweet kid. ______________________________________________
  2. These girls just can’t seem to get along._______________________________________
  3. Where did the sleepy soldiers find a place to rest?___________________________________________
  4. My family and I spent a week camping in the mountains.____________________________________
  5. The new market burned down last night.____________________________________________
  6. Where is Jack from?_________________________________________
  7. Three jet planes roared overhead.__________________________
  8. Why is Mrs. Richardson laughing?______________________________
  9. Does your knee still hurt?______________________________________
  10. Audery and I can help you today.________________________________________

Exercise 3:

Read through the following sentences. See if you can identify which words are the subject pronouns in each:

  1. Bill acts like a child.
  2. Sandy gossips about everyone.
  3. It jumps really high.
  4. The letter wasn’t on his desk.
  5. She’s listening to the news on the radio.
  6. The peaches weren’t ripe.
  7. Lucy feels better today.
  8. It disturbs everyone around you.
  9. They weren’t at school today
  10. Clara earns a good salary.
  11. I’m making a delicious cake for your birthday.
  12. He wasn’t happy about it.
  13. Her husband makes breakfast for me every morning.
  14. He parks his car in the parking lot.
  15. The show starts at 5 o’clock.
  16. He owns a busy restaurant downtown.
  17. Your kid draws really well for his age.

What Is an Example of a Subject Pronoun in a Sentence? Sentence with Subject Pronoun:

In the English language, we use subject pronouns to help writings appear less repetitive. The following is an amazing list of subject pronouns in sentence examples.

  1. Oliver wasn’t the first to finish the exam.
  2. She’s a hairdresser and her sister is a real estate agent.
  3. It is not true.
  4. The parents are so proud of him.
  5. You’re a funny guy.
  6. She’s a nurse at the central clinic.
  7. We’re happy to be here tonight.
  8. Noah is the owner of the company.
  9. We’re late for work again.
  10. They’re best friends.
  11. They’re outside.
  12. She’s my sister.
  13. You’re welcome.
  14. I’m from Montreal.
  15. She’s a big star in Hollywood.
  16. We’re staying home tonight.
  17. They’re getting married in June.
  18. He’s a very tall man.
  19. She’s always busy on the weekends.
  20. It’s time for lunch and I’m hungry.
  21. You’re a very interesting person.
  22. I’m sorry for saying that about you.
  23. The lights weren’t on.
  24. He’s mad that you did that.
  25. They’re waiting for us downstairs.
  26. It’s better like that.
  27. She’s afraid of you.
  28. We’re leaving now.
  29. You’re so nice.
  30. They aren’t cousins.

What Is an Example of a Subject Pronoun in a Sentence? Subject Pronoun in a Sentence

  1. She isn’t a secretary.
  2. We aren’t twins.
  3. It isn’t clean.
  4. You aren’t the boss.
  5. He isn’t a policeman.
  6. We aren’t proud of it.
  7. David isn’t here.
  8. Bill and Dollory aren’t in the house.
  9. It isn’t fair.
  10. You aren’t on my list.
  11. He isn’t a doctor.
  12. They aren’t in a meeting.
  13. My nephew isn’t a student.
  14. We aren’t ready for the test.
  15. The milk isn’t in the fridge.
  16. He isn’t on vacation this week.
  17. We aren’t busy today.
  18. The rabbit isn’t under the bed.
  19. My shoes aren’t dirty.
  20. She isn’t a nurse.
  21. The car isn’t in the garage.
  22. The eggs aren’t broken.
  23. It isn’t necessary.
  24. The boys aren’t at the park.
  25. Melanie isn’t serious.
  26. Jenny and I aren’t hungry right now.
  27. He isn’t joking.
  28. It isn’t my birthday today.
  29. She wasn’t ready.
  30. It wasn’t in my purse.
  31. He wasn’t there.
  32. We weren’t at the mall.
  33. I wasn’t late.
  34. You weren’t very nice to her.
  35. The house wasn’t for sale
  36. Melanie and John weren’t hungry.
  37. It wasn’t a good plan.
  38. Tatyana and Lynn weren’t on the bus.
  39. You weren’t on time for class.
  40. The children weren’t at the playground.
  41. It wasn’t important.

Subject Pronoun Sentence Example

  1. She eats poultry and meat.
  2. It barks all day.
  3. We weren’t at the Chinese restaurant.
  4. The phone rings all day.
  5. My grandparents weren’t in the waiting room.
  6. My boss wears a tie every day.
  7. I wasn’t the first to finish the exam.
  8. She drinks black coffee.
  9. He wasn’t sick yesterday.
  10. The pie wasn’t very good.
  11. It wasn’t a very good idea.
  12. The restaurant wasn’t open.
  13. It needs some work.
  14. The machine gives change.
  15. She buys nice perfume.
  16. He hates winter but he loves summer.
  17. Megan wasn’t in class today.
  18. Maria rents a small apartment.
  19. They weren’t at the concert.
  20. It reminds me of you.
  21. The movie ends in 20 minutes.
  22. Jennifer wasn’t with us.
  23. The cows weren’t in the barn.
  24. It bothers me when you do that.
  25. She swims like a fish.
  26. That man says hello to everybody.
  27. He owes me money.
  28. Samantha believes you.

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Subject Pronouns
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