Amazing Bedroom Vocabulary List With Pictures: Common Verbs & Expressions Related to Bedroom


Bedroom Vocabulary List With Pictures Common Verbs & Expressions Related to Bedroom

When looking for some useful names of things in the bedroom with examples and pictures, Language learners usually ask the following questions: what is a bedroom vocabulary list with pictures? what is English Vocabulary for the Bedroom? what are bedroom items called? What are the things we see in the bedroom? What is inside the bedroom? What is inside the bedroom?

As a whole, a bedroom is where people spend a lot of time sleeping, resting, or dressing. There is a wide range of English words connected with the bedroom that you will need to know to enrich your lexicon about bedroom words and expressions.

In this article, you will learn the English words connected with the bedroom. What is more, you will also discover some important and most common verbs and expressions in the bedroom

English Vocabulary for the Bedroom: Word List of Bedroom Words

Have you bought any bedroom furniture lately? Here is a list of bedroom words that are connected to the things and furniture we usually find in the bedroom:

  • bedroom
  • bed
  • mattress
  • dressing table
  • pillow
  • cushion
  • lamp
  • duvet
  • chest of drawers
  • sheet
  • air-conditioner
  • closet
  • blanket
  • single bed
  • double bed
  • alarm clock
  • bunk beds
  • basket
  • upholstered bench
  • carpet
  • light
  • dressing gown
  • hanger
  • blinds
  • picture frame
  • rocking chair
  • slippers
  • television
  • clothes
  • wardrobe
  • rug
  • curtains
  • poster
  • shelf
  • ceiling
English Vocabulary for the Bedroom

Bedroom Vocabulary List With Pictures

There are many particular pieces of furniture that we find in the bedroom, such as a dressing table, an upholstered bench, a rocking chair, blankets, a nightstand, and others. Here is a useful dictionary that will help you recognize all of these English words connected with the bedroom.

Bedroom vocabulary list with pictures

The Most Common Verbs and Expressions Related to the bedroom

There are many common verbs and expressions related to the bedroom that language learners should know to enrich their English vocabulary.

Lie down on the bed

If you “lie down” on a bed, you go onto the bed and put yourself in a horizontal position, often in order to sleep.

Example: The little girl fell asleep as soon as she lay down.

Hang clothes up

If you “hang clothes up”, you put them on a clothes hanger and then in a wardrobe.

Example: Mother said: “Don’t just leave your clothes lying around. Hang them up!”

Change the sheets

If you “change the sheets”, you take off the dirty sheets and put on clean ones.

Example: My elder sister thinks it’s about time we changed the sheets.

Switch on a light/switch off a light

If you “switch on” the light, you press a button (or flick a switch) so the light comes on.

Example: Could you switch on the light, please? I want to read for a bit.”

Draw the curtains

If you “draw the curtains”, you close them.

Example: Our parents always advised us to draw the curtains if we were going to get changed.

Pull down/up the blinds

If you “pull down the blinds”, you pull a string or cord so the blinds come down.

Example: “The sun’s really bright. Could you pull the blinds down, please?”

Make the bed

If you “make the bed”, you arrange it so that the sheets/duvet/blankets are on properly, and the bed is neat and tidy.

Example: My big brother told me: “It’s your turn to make your bed!”

Empty the wastepaper basket

If you “empty the wastepaper basket”, you throw away the rubbish that’s in it.

Example: The wastepaper basket is looking a bit full. I think you need to empty it.

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