Amazing List of 50 Useful English Vocabulary Words for the Airport with Meaning & Examples


Useful English Vocabulary Words for the Airport with Meaning & Examples

You have reached this interesting post as you might be among those who have asked the following questions: what are some useful English vocabulary words for the airport? airport vocabulary words? words associated with airport and their meaning? What are the words related to airport? What are some flying terms? What are the words used in airport? How do you talk in airport? What is the vocabulary of aviation? What do you say at airport check-in? what is airport vocabulary pdf?

In general, English is widely used in every airport. ESL learners need to learn important English vocabulary related to airport and travel as a whole. This post aims to provide a basic and essential vocabulary of terms used in the airport and travel industry. The list compiles popular airport-related words and phrases introduced in simple English. The definitions have been expanded by some important example sentences.

The main words associated with the airport are listed below:

  • aisle
  • arrival
  • baggage
  • board
  • boarding pass
  • bulkhead
  • carry-on (adjective)
  • carry-on (noun)
  • check
  • coach
  • cockpit
  • connection
  • crew (noun)
  • customs (plural noun)
  • delayed
  • departure
  • duty-free
  • first-class (noun)
  • flight attendant
  • flight deck
  • gate
  • itinerary
  • jet engine
  • jet lag
  • jumbo jet
  • landing
  • lavatory
  • luggage
  • one-way
  • overbook
  • oxygen mask
  • passport
  • pilot (noun)
  • propeller
  • round trip
  • runway
  • seat belt
  • security
  • standby (adjective)
  • steward
  • stewardess
  • stopover
  • takeoff
  • taxi (verb)
  • ticket
  • trolley
  • turbulence
  • visa
  • window seat
  • wing

50 Useful English Vocabulary Words for the Airport


  • Meaning: the passage between rows of pews, seats, as in an aircraft, theatre, etc.
  • Example: Janet likes to sit in the aisle seat.


  • Meaning:  the act of arriving, coming to or reaching a place.
  • Example: Our guests’ estimated time of arrival is 15:45.


  • Meaning: belongings packed up in suitcases, etc., for traveling; luggage.
  • Example: At the airport, I found that I had 30 kg of excess baggage.


  • Meaning: on or on to a ship, airplane etc.
  • Example: All passengers have gone on board.

boarding pass:

  • Meaning: a piece of paper you must have to get on a plane or a ship.
  • Example: You should present your boarding pass to the flight attendant.


  • Meaning: an upright partition or wall that separates compartments in aircraft or boats

carry-on (adjective):

  • Meaning: carried or suitable for being carried aboard
  • Example: carry-on baggage/luggage

carry-on (noun)

  • Meaning: a small bag or case that a person carries onto a plane with them
  • Example: They stated that only one carry-on is allowed.

check in

  • Meaning: to report one’s arrival at an air terminal
  • Example: Passengers should check in at least an hour before departure.


  • Meaning: the section of least expensive seats on an airplane or train
  • Example: The whole family reserved seats in coach.


  • Meaning: the compartment for the pilot and crew in an aircraft.


  • Meaning: an airplane that people get onto after getting off another airplane as part of the same journey.
  • Example: We will fly out of Madrid and then have a connection in Paris.

crew (noun)

  • Meaning: a team of people manning an aircraft.
  • Example: The crew members are skilled people.

customs (plural noun)

  • Meaning: taxes or duties paid on imports. the place at an airport where government officers collect customs on goods.
  • Example: It took them a long time to clear customs at the airport.


  • Meaning: If a flight has been delayed, it means that it is late due to technical problems, bad weather, or too much air traffic.
  • Example: Our flight to Oslo has been delayed. Our new departure time is 3:30.


  • Meaning: the act of departing or leaving a place especially to start a trip.


  • Meaning: the departures lounge is a place in the airport where passengers will wait to board their flight.
  • Example: All passengers flying to Munich are kindly requested to go to the departures lounge.

duty-free ( adjective)

  • Meaning: goods that a person can bring into a country without paying tax on them.
  • Example: duty-free goods


  • Meaning: using the best and most expensive seats or accommodation on a plane.
  • Example: They usually travel first-class

flight attendant

  • Meaning:  a person whose job is to help and serve passengers who are traveling in an airplane

flight deck

  • Meaning: an area at the front of a large plane where the pilot sits.
  • Example: The captain spoke to the passengers from the flight deck.


  • Meaning: an area at an airport where passengers arrive and leave.
  • Example: Flight 402 is boarding at Gate 6.


  • Meaning: a plan a person makes of a trip, including the places they visit.
  • Example: Our family planned a detailed itinerary.

jet engine

  • Meaning: an engine that drives an aircraft forwards by pushing out a stream of gases behind it

jet lag

  • Meaning: an unpleasant feeling that occurs following a long flight through several time zones.
  • Example: Liza had bad jet lag after that last trip overseas.

jumbo jet

  • Meaning: a very large airplane that can carry many passengers, like a Boeing 747


  • Meaning: an act of returning to the ground or another surface after a flight.
  • Example: The pilot could make a smooth landing.


  • Meaning: suitcases that people carry when traveling, baggage


  • Meaning: allowing travel to a place but not back from the place.
  • Example: I bought a one-way ticket to Chicago.


  • Meaning: to allow too many people to buy tickets on a plane than there are places available.
  • Example: The flight was heavily overbooked.

oxygen mask

  • Meaning: a mask worn over one’s nose and mouth so that one can breathe easily.


  • Meaning: a formal document issued by the government of a country that identifies someone as a citizen of that country and that is usually necessary when entering or leaving a country.
  • Example: US passport holders.

pilot (noun)

  • Meaning: a person employed to conduct or fly an aircraft.
  • Example: The accident was caused by a pilot error.

round trip

  • Meaning: a trip to a place and back again.
  • Example: a round-trip ticket.


  • Meaning: a long narrow strip of ground with hard surface where airplanes take off and land.

seat belt

  • Meaning: a safety belt that prevents a passenger in an aeroplane from being thrown violently forward in the event of an emergency stop, crash, etc.
  • Example: fasten your seat belt.


  • Meaning: activities and things done to make people or places safe.
  • Example: they increased security at airports.

standby (adjective)

  • Meaning: a standby ticket for a flight cannot be bought in advance and is available a very short time before the plane takes off.
  • Example: standby tickets/passengers


  • Meaning: someone whose job is to look after the needs of passengers on a plane.


  • Meaning: a female steward


  • Meaning: a short period of time when you stop at a place during a trip
  • They had a three-hour stopover at Dubai airport.

take-off (noun):

  • Meaning: the moment at which an aircraft leaves the ground and starts to fly
  • The plane is ready for take-off.

taxi (verb):

  • Meaning: to move slowly along the ground before taking off or after landing
  • The plane taxied slowly to the runway.


  • Meaning: a small cart or basket on wheels for conveying luggage, shopping etc.
  • a luggage trolley


  • Meaning: a sudden, wild, violent, or unusual movements of air or water.
  • The plane has undergone severe turbulence during the flight.


  • Meaning: a permit stamped into a passport, or a similar document, allowing the holder to enter or leave the country which issues it.
  • exit visas

window seat:

  • Meaning: a seat that is built or placed below a window, a seat next to a window in a plane


  • Meaning: one of usually two long, flat parts of an airplane that extend from the sides and make it possible for the airplane to fly
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