What Are Words Related to Money? 150+ Money Words & ESL Infographic Game


what are words related to money

Some people often ask these questions: what are words related to money? what is another slang word for money? what do you call someone who is too careful with money? what are some positive words to describe money? In fact, this post will shed light on nouns, verbs, adjectives, and some slang words associated with money.

Money is a pretty important aspect of our lives, that is why there are plenty of different words and phrases to talk about money. For example:

  • cash
  • check
  • fund
  • pay
  • property
  • salary
  • wage
  • wealth
  • banknote
  • bread
  • coin
  • hard cash

Most people work hard to get money. We need money to buy clothes, food, etc. We can use a credit card, check or cash to buy things. Therefore, how do I talk about money in English? How can u describe money? Below is a chart that will help you boost your money vocabulary words. Also, money words example sentences will be listed to clarify the meaning of every word.

Words Related to Money and Finance

Money Words: Synonyms For Money With Example Sentences

Synonyms For MoneyMoney Example Sentences
cashSabina went to the ATM to get some cash.
fundsLast month, our family’s funds were a little low.
billIn the United States, the $5 bill has a picture of Abraham Lincoln.
capitalThe starting capital of the new firm was around 100.000 $
checkBankers claim that new forms of check fraud raised lately.
salaryPete is on a salary of $ 20.000
banknoteThey illegally forged banknotes.
currencyCarl doesn’t like coins, he prefers to carry only paper currency.
breadfather will buy that bike for his kids when he gets some bread.
silverAnna needs $ 1 in silver for the parking meter.
changeI didn’t have any change for the phone.
propertyProperty prices in downtown have enormously dropped.
payBill’s job is hard work, that is why he gets a pay raise.
wealthMr. Richardson’s wealth is estimated at around $ 250 million
wageThe company pays wages on Saturdays.
chipsHe needed some chips for the parking meter.
paymentHe prefers cash as a method of payment.
doughBrother spent a lot of dough on his new tablet.
financesFinance for health comes from taxpayers.
bankrollThe family’s bankroll right now is a total of $ 5.000
bucksThe stereo costs $ 10 bucks.
coinThe young man moved to the big city seeking work that pays a lot of coins.
gravyThe ten percent profit is gravy for our business.
coinageThey collect gold and silver coinage.
goldGold does never buy happiness.
lootThieves have stolen a big amount of loot.
greenbacksShe needs 5 greenbacks to buy the notebook.
pesosThe poor couple had only a few pesos to buy food for the children.
resourcesBianca doesn’t have enough resources to buy a used car.
richesHer father was pretty lucky to have a business that has brought him great riches.
treasureThey discovered treasures buried in the old backyard.
wherewithalAntony has the wherewithal to pay cash for the new house.
hard cashDo you have any hard cash?
wadShe gave them a thick wad of $ 20 notes.
legal tenderThis type of coin is no longer considered legal tender.
long greenWhere did Janet get the long green to afford a car like that?
exchangeThat bank offers the best exchange rate.
Money Vocab Words

What Is Another Slang Word for Money? 100 Slang Words For Money

Actually, money is a major thing that most people cannot do without or live without. Money has a vast and rich bank of terms and vocabulary items. thus, What is another slang word for money? This is an interesting chart that compiles 100+ slang terms for money.

TenderResourcesGoldFrogskinRackFolding stuff
SawbucksBaconFranklinsSaladGoudaC note
LootBreadLargeBankFive spotLucci
Ten spotG “grand”KLucreNuggetsBrass (UK)
SimoleonLong greenPaperFundsLettuceFiver
WongaStashChump changeDollar dollar bill y’allSmackersDough
BoodleDoshMClamsMM (or MN)Stacks
Knotscash moneyGrandDubsDoubloonsCelery
HundiesChump changeBlue cheddarBonesGrantGrease
BeanDead presidentsPlunderCapitalBookoo bucksFetti
Mega bucksScrillaDucatsFive-spotBenjaminsBenji
GreenBig onesPayolaDineroGwalaCommas
100 Slang Words for Money

What do you call someone who is too careful with money?

There are many words in English for someone who is very careful with money and doesn’t like to spend it. For instance, we can use such terms as a miser, cheapskate, scrooge, etc. However, all of these words are used in a derogative way, and none can be guaranteed not to offend or bother others. These are words you can use in a negative and insulting way to describe someone who doesn’t like to spend money.

  1. mean
  2. miser
  3. stingy
  4. sparing
  5. pinchpenny
  6. scrooge
  7. cheap
  8. stinting
  9. parsimonious
  10. penny-pinching
  11. tight
  12. Ungenerous
  13. tightfisted
  14. uncharitable
  15. ungenerous
  16. penny-pincher
  17. skinflint
  18. Piker
  1. Avaricious
  2. curmudgeon
  3. tightwad
  4. Penurious
  5. cheapskate
  6. chintzy
  7. close
  8. tightfisted
  9. Cheese-paring
  10. closefisted
  11. mingy
  12. miserly
  13. niggard
  14. penurious
  15. pinching
  16. spare
  17. niggardly

On the other hand, if we want to say nicely that someone doesn’t waste money, in this case, adjectives will work better. These are words to use to nicely describe a person who doesn’t like to spend money.

  1. frugal
  2. penny-wise
  3. thrifty
  4. economical
  5. economizing
  6. provident
  7. scrimping
  8. sparing

Word Search Money Vocabulary

Do you like word search games? Have fun finding Money Vocabulary with this word search. Enjoy solving it with your kids or students.

Money Words Search Game
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