ESL Reading Comprehension Worksheets Pdf Free: 5 Amazing Comprehension Passages


ESL Reading Comprehension Worksheets Pdf Free: 5 Amazing Comprehension Passages

Are you looking for the Best ESL reading comprehension worksheets pdf Free? Interesting reading comprehension passages for ESL students pdf? printable comprehension worksheets? or simply because you are asking these questions: where can I find interesting reading comprehension passages with answers pdf?? ESL reading comprehension exercise? English comprehension passages with questions and answers free download? reading comprehension passages with questions and answers pdf? if so, then you have come to the right place.

In general, reading comprehension skills give English language learners the opportunity to acquire new knowledge, through visual perception, discrimination, logical analysis, and recognition.

This article compiles some good free ESL Printable reading comprehension worksheets pdf that will surely aid strengthen and sharpen the learners’ reading comprehension strategies.

These comprehension worksheets will help boost students’ basic reading comprehension skills such as activating prior knowledge and expanding vocabulary knowledge as well.

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Best 4 Free Printable Reading Comprehension Worksheets Pdf: Reading Comprehension Passages

ESL Reading Comprehension Worksheets Pdf Free

Best Printable Reading Comprehension Worksheets PDF Free

One day a teacher went to her classroom and told her students that they would have a test. The students took their seats and waited for the test to begin. The teacher put a test paper on each student’s desk and she then asked them to turn the paper over and begin.

The students were surprised to see no questions, but only a single dot in the center of the page. The teacher said,” I just want you to write down what you see on this paper”.

At the end of class, she took their tests and started reading their answers. Minutes later, the teacher started to explain. “You tried your best to finish the test. All of you wrote something about the dot. Some thought it was a black one. Some thought it was brown. A few thought it was really small. While others believed it was big enough. But no one wrote about the white area around the dot.

“Imagine that this paper is your life. The white area is all of your life experiences, and the black dot just stands for the bad things you’ve gone through. Life provides us with many things: loved ones, happy moments, and even some other good things.

However, we sometimes only pay attention to the bad things. Our problems and difficulties can beat us”
“From now on, I want you to think about the big picture more often. Don’t just focus on the black dots in your life. And always remember how lucky you often are”

Read the passage then answer the questions:

  • (1) Did the teacher give her students a test?
  • (2) How did the students feel after they turned the paper over?
  • (3) What does the writer compare the black dot to?
  • (4) Do you think it’s necessary to pay attention to the bad things in our life? Why or why not?

Printable Comprehension Worksheets

English Comprehension Passages with Questions Free Download

Facial recognition technology is widely used today. For example, police use it to search for bad guys. It’s also used to unlock phones or doors. Now, a similar technology, known as facial detection, is entering a new field: the business of advertising.

Such systems are going through tests in a small number of stores. One facial detection system can tell a person’s “happiness” or “fear” level. That helps businesses see how people feel as they look at products or advertisements in the store.

Another system can detect whether someone is wearing eyeglasses. If so, stores can send advertisements for new glasses to him.

Facial detection technology is also placed inside some large advertising boards. Cameras on those boards can detect information like people’s ages and five levels of feelings-from “very happy” to “very unhappy”.

Supporters of the technology say it could improve buyers’ experience by showing products they might like or by offering them products at lower prices.

Some are against the idea of using such systems. Pam Dixon, the head of a privacy group, is one of them. She thinks the strange actions may cause something unfair. For example, a business could raise the price of a product according to a person’s age and feelings.

However, one store testing the technology explained they wouldn’t store people’s information like names or ages. And the advertising board system maker said it didn’t keep any personal information or record any videos.

Read the passage then answer the questions:

  • Facial detection technology can tell people’s ___________, according to the passage.
    • A. weight  
    • B. feelings
    • C. height
    • D. jobs
  • We can infer from the passage that facial detection technology ______________.
    • A. can detect buyers’ names and record them
    • B. is put inside some large advertising boards
    • C. may be used to sell cheaper goods in all stores
    • D. may need some time before being widely used
  • The best title of the passage may be ___________________.
    • A. Facial Recognition Technology Entering a New Field
    • B. Facial Recognition Technology Looking for Bad Guys
    • C. Facial Detection Technology Going into Advertising Field
    • D. Facial Detection Technology Improving Buyers’ Experience
  • What does the word “they” in bold in paragraph 2 refer to?

ESL Printable Reading Passages with Questions

Esl Reading Comprehension Exercise: Esl Reading Comprehension Stories

Long long ago, in a small village, there was a man named Jacob. He thought he was 1________ the man in the world.

One day he sold his well to a farmer. When the farmer went to get the 2______from that well happily, Jacob didn’t 3_________ him to get the water from it.

He said, “Though the water in the well is 4_______ and clear, I sold you the well, not the water.”

The farmer became very sad but he could do 5________. He had to come to the emperor’s palace. He 6______ everything to the emperor and asked him for help.

The emperor 7________ Birbal and handed over this case to him. Birbal was a very young judge. He was rich in 8_________. He enjoyed thinking about ideas every day.

He called up Jacob. Birbal asked. “Why don’t you let the 9_______ use the water of the well? You have sold the well to him!”

Jacob replied, “I 10__________ sold the well to him, not the water. He has no right to get the water.”

Then Birbal smiled and said, “Good, but look, 11__________ you have sold the well to this farmer, you stick to 12__________ that the water is yours, then you have no right to keep your water in the farmer’s well. You have 13___________ choices. Either you pay rent to the farmer to keep your water in his well, or you take 14_________ out of his well at once.”

Jacob understood that his 15__________ had failed. Birbal beat him perfectly.

Don’t try to cheat. You will end up paying for it no matter how smart you think you are.

Read the passage then answer the questions:

  • 1
    • A. cleverest
    • B. strongest
    • C. healthiest
    • D. kindest
  • 2
    • A. money
    • B. water
    • C. candy
    • D. earth
  • 3
    • A. tell
    • B. invite
    • C. allow
    • D. refuse
  • 4
    • A. sour
    • B. sweet
    • C. salty
    • D. hot
  • 5
    • A. everything
    • B. something
    • C. anything
    • D. nothing
  • 6
    • A. described
    • B. drew
    • C. read
    • D. translated
  • 7
    • A. waited for
    • B. looked after
    • C. called in
    • D. laughed at
  • 8
    • A. time.
    • B. energy
    • C. money
    • D. knowledge
  • 9
    • A. judge
    • B. farmer
    • C. villager
    • D. emperor
  • 10
    • A. just
    • B. never
    • C. seldom
    • D. almost
  • 11.
    • A. but
    • B. so
    • C. and
    • D. since
  • 12
    • A. saying
    • B. seeing
    • C. hearing
    • D. imagining
  • 13
    • A. two
    • B. three
    • C. four
    • D. five
  • 14
    • A. this
    • B. these
    • C. it
    • D. them
  • 15
    • A. competition
    • B. trick
    • C. test
    • D. joke

English Comprehension Passages with Questions Free PDF

Reading Comprehension for ESL Students

Have you ever seen fireflies? Fireflies are small insects. You can’t see them in any season except summer. The lights made by fireflies are probably one of the most magical things to see on a summer night. Do you wonder how fireflies make this light?

There is a part that can make light under a firefly’s stomach. Fireflies take in air and use it to produce light with special cells. Different kinds have their own special flash patterns, just like humans have different languages. They use these flash patterns to find other members of their group.

Fireflies mainly use light to get friends’ attention. The males fly around while turning their lights on and off, hoping to get the attention of a female. They try to flash very quickly, because the faster males flash, the more attention they can get from females.

Fireflies also use light to make their enemies scared.

If you haven’t seen many fireflies lately, you are not alone. The number of fireflies may be dropping because of some reasons, such as light pollution and chemical medicine use.

Another important reason is that fireflies’ living places are destroyed by humans. Luckily, Chinese scientists recently found three new firefly kinds in Yunnan. Yunnan might have the right environment for these magical insects to live in.

Read the passage then answer the questions:

  • 1. Which of the following is TRUE about fireflies?
    • A. Fireflies can live in any season like humans.
    • B. Now there are only three kinds of fireflies in Yunnan.
    • C. Fireflies use air to produce light with special cells.
    • D. Fireflies use magic to make light on a summer night.
  • 2. Why have we seen fewer fireflies lately?
    • A. Because of fewer people’s attention.
    • B. Because of chemical medicine use.
    • C. Because of places in Yunnan.
    • D. Because of light fireflies make.
  • 3. How does the writer organize the passage?
    • A. By giving examples.
    • B. By telling a story.
    • C. By listing numbers.
    • D. By giving explanations.
  • 4. What’s the best title for this passage?
    • A. Firefly Can Make Light
    • B. The Magical Place-Yunnan
    • C. The Magical Insect-Firefly
    • D. Firefly Have Special Cells

Reading Comprehension Passages for ESL Students Pdf

Free Reading Comprehension Printable

One of the statements that many experts seem to agree on is the fact that great things start to happen the minute you step outside of your comfort zones. As soon as you decide that you are willing to go beyond what is safe, the possibilities are endless. For me, one of the most important things that we should always keep in mind is the fact that growth and comfort can’t coexist.

Personal development author Napoleon Hill once said: “Whatever the mind can understand and believe, the mind can achieve. Regardless of how many times you may have failed in the past or how lofty your aims and hopes may be.”

This statement is especially powerful because it reminds us that we are the only ones who can be responsible for how far we will go. However, stepping outside of our comfort zone is probably the most important step to experiencing real change.

For a long time, I knew that I wanted to live in Argentina, so halfway through my bachelor’s degree, I bought a one-way ticket there. While in Argentina, I finished the last two years of my degree online before flying back home for graduation. I currently still live in Argentina, and I can proudly say that taking the necessary steps to make it a reality was one of the most important things I could have done.

This, of course, by no means at all applies to everyone, and I’m not implying we should all buy one-way tickets to foreign countries and see what happens. But it’s important to know that we should recognize what we desire and try to bring our dreams to life.

Living in a comfort zone can trick us into believing that we have an abundant amount of time when, in reality, we all know that years can fly by without us having accomplished much of what we really wanted to do.

So why wait? I’m thankful that I didn’t put off my move until a later date because I would have missed out on a lot of amazing life experiences that have shaped me as a person. If we want to experience even a small amount of change, we will have to step outside of it.

Read the passage then answer the questions:

  • 1. Why do people prefer staying in their comfort zone?
    • A. It makes people feel safe.
    • B. It leads to great things.
    • C. It is important for growth.
    • D. It helps make wise decisions.
  • 2. What does Napoleon Hill’s statement mean?
    • A. Time and tide wait for no man.
    • B. The higher you fly, the harder you fail.
    • C. Failure is the mother of success.
    • D. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.
  • 3. Which matters most to the author in his/her story?
    • A. Moving to Argentina.
    • B. Getting a bachelor’s degree.
    • C. Studying online.
    • D. Flying back for graduation.
  • 4. The author used his/her story to
    • A. persuade others to follow his/her example
    • B. encourage others to take immediate action
    • C. inform people of different foreign culture
    • D. remind people to be thankful in life
  • 5. Which one could be the best title?
    • A. Identify your comfort zone.
    • B. Value your precious time.
    • C. Always try something new.
    • D. Make the best decisions.

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