Essential List of Jobs and Occupations In English, FREE Awesome ESL List of 50 Occupations and Jobs PDF Printable


Essential List of Jobs and Occupations In English, FREE Awesome ESL List of 50 Occupations and Jobs PDF Printable

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” most of us probably have heard that question. Some people can answer right away, but others are not so sure. this article presents a useful illustrated list of vocabulary items related to jobs and occupations that will help ESL learners know about the various professions and jobs vocabulary items.

The Basic Career, Jobs and Professions List Types Clusters

  1. Architecture and Construction
  2. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  3. Human Services
  4. Business, Management, and Administration
  5. Law, Public Safety, and Security
  6. Health Science
  7. Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics
  8. Arts, Audio-Video Technology, and Communication
  9. Finance
  10. Hospitality and Tourism
  11. Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
  12. Education and Training
  13. Information Technology
  14. Manufacturing
  15. Government and Public Administration
  16. Marketing, Sales, and Service
Professions List Free Posters

List of 50 Various Professions in English and Their Explanations with Example Sentences

List of Jobs and Occupations 1

Accountant: is a person who keeps and checks financial accounts.

  •  Lara has been a smart accountant all her working life.

Architect: a person who designs houses and buildings.

  •  Taylor and her husband are working with an architect to design their dream home.

Artist: a person whose job is to create artworks, especially drawings and painting.

  • The young artist primed his canvas with gesso and started painting with oil pigments.

Astronomer:  a person who studies astronomy i.e celestial objects and phenomena, cosmology, planets, galaxies, asteroids, the Big Bang, etc.

  • NASA states that astronomers worldwide will be observing the eclipse.

Astronaut: is a scientist who travels beyond the earth’s atmosphere.

  • Oliver has a big dream of becoming an astronaut.

Author: a person who is able to write literary works such as novels and books.

  • Janet is the author of four books on middle age arts.

Baker: a person whose occupation is making pastries, bread, cakes, etc.

  • Being a great pastry chef and a baker requires the topmost creativity and cleverness.

Blacksmith: a person who repairs and makes iron objects and horseshoes.

  • The blacksmith of our neighborhood shapes horseshoes on his anvil.

Bricklayer / Mason: a person whose profession is to build walls, ceilings, etc. with bricks.

  • Henry was a bricklayer before he managed to find a good job in a big grocery.

Butcher: is someone whose occupation is to kill animals for meat or who prepares and sells meat in a store.

  • Our local butcher is an excellent one.

Businessman: a person who works in business, especially at a high level.

  • The new accountant was accused of accepting bribes from rich businessmen.

Carpenter: a person who repairs or builds wooden structures or their structural parts.

  • The carpenter glued two pieces of wood together to build a cupboard.

Computer Programmer: someone whose occupation is writing computer programs.

  • Emily used to work as a computer programmer for a well-known software company.

Cook: a person whose job is preparing and cooking food.

  • The cook makes a delicious hot soup from the leftover lamb bone.

Delivery man: a person whose job is to deliver packages and goods to the people who have ordered them.

  • the deliveryman dropped off a package for the neighbors while they were out.

Dentist: a person whose occupation is to treat people’s teeth. Note that we can refer to the place where a dentist works as the dentist or the dentist’s.

  • The dentist gently extracted her wisdom tooth.

Other Professions in English

Doctor: someone with a medical grade whose job is to treat people who are hurt or sick.

  • The doctor suggested she should take vitamin supplements, along with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Electrician: a person who repairs and puts in electrical wires, electrical equipment, and devices.

  • Our washing machine has broken; that is why my husband rings the electrician.

Engineer: someone who builds and designs engines, electrical equipment, and machines, or things such as railroads, using scientific laws and rules.

  • He graduated as an engineer who could design modern military aircraft.

Farmer: someone who cultivates crops and lands, and who raises animals.

  • His parents were farmers who grew vegetables on their land.

Firefighter / Fireman: someone whose occupation is to put out fires.

  • The firemen bravely evacuated all the people from the burning building.

Fisherman: a man who catches fish, either as a job, as a hobby, or as a sport.

  • My grandfather was a fisherman who cast his net into the nearby river five times every morning.

Fishmonger: a person who sells fish, especially from a store.

  • The fishmonger skins the big fish as it helps me save on the preparation time.

Florist:  is a shopkeeper who sets, arranges, and sells flowers.

  • Molly is a florist who makes up attractive flowers bouquets.

Gardener: is someone whose profession is to work in a garden.

  • The gardener mows the grass every week.

Greengrocer: is someone who works in a shop selling fruits and vegetables.

  • The greengrocer unloaded onions, potatoes, and pumpkins from the van.

Hairdresser: is someone who cuts people’s hair. Note that the place they work in is called a hairdresser’s.

  • The young man asked the hairdresser for a trim.

Handyman/Repairperson: a man who is keen on doing practical works inside and outside the house, either as a job or as a hobby.

  • The handyman recommended that the faucet in the bathroom should be replaced.

Journalist: someone whose job is to gather news and write about it for television, radio, magazines, or newspapers.

  • The scandal that took place in the central park was dug up by a well-informed journalist.

Judge: a judge is a person who works in a court and who has the authority to decide how criminals should be punished or to make legal determinations.

  • The judge induced that the evidence was inadmissible.

Lawyer /also Attorney U.S.: a person whose job is to give recommendations and pieces of advice to people about the law and speak for them in courts.

  • The lawyer representing Jack’s family stated he was quite satisfied with the verdict.

Librarian: a person who works in a library.

  • She worked as a librarian before switching to writing novels.

Mechanic: someone who repairs machines, particularly the engines of vehicles.

  • The two brothers work in a garage as mechanics.

Nurse: a person who is trained to work in hospitals to look after injured or sick people.

  • Samantha was a trained nurse who worked in the university hospital.

Optician: someone who is trained to examine people’s eyes and to recommend and sell glasses.

  • The optician advised me to wear new glasses.

Professions in English 3

Painter: he is an artist who makes paintings and paints pictures.

  • Richard Schmid is acclaimed as America’s greatest modern painter.

Pharmacist: a healthcare specialist authorized to engage in pharmacy; they can prepare medicines and sell or give them to people in a store or in a hospital.

  • The pharmacist carefully prepared some herbal medicine and told me how to brew it.

Photographer: someone who takes photographs, either as a hobby or as a job.

  • The photographer snapped a nice photo of her.

Pilot: he is a person who flies airplanes.

  • The pilot managed to land the airplane safely.

Plumber: a person who supplies and repairs water pipes, toilets, baths, etc.

  • The plumber will come tomorrow to mend the burst pipe of the bathroom.

Police officer: is a person working as a member of the police.

  • The police officer jotted down details of the burglary that took place at the hotel.

Postman: a person who collects and delivers letters and packages, etc.

  • Yesterday the postman brought a parcel for my sister.

Psychiatrist: a specialist in psychiatry who diagnoses and treats emotional, behavioral, and mental disorders.

  • The psychiatrist could trace some of Dolly’s problems to intense childhood traumas.

Secretary: a person whose job is to deal with phone calls and mails; arrange meetings with people, etc. in an office.

  • My secretary always keeps records of our meetings.

Soldier: a person who works in an army a. he is someone who fights when there is a war.

  • The soldier showed great bravery in the battle.

Surgeon: a medical doctor who is trained to execute surgery.

  • The young surgeon successfully removed the infected organ.

Tailor: a person who designs clothes for individual customers.

  • The tailor will take my father’s measures for a new coat.

Taxi Driver: a person whose job is driving taxis.

  • The taxi driver forgot to stop the meter while I ran in to pick up my luggage.

Teacher: a person whose job is teaching, especially in a school.

  • Our school has 4 English teachers from New York City.

Travel Agent: a person whose job is to arrange flight tickets, hotel bookings, etc. for people making trips or going on vacation.

  • I contacted a travel agent about the times and costs of the coming month’s flights.

Waiter: someone whose job is to bring the food to clients at their tables in a restaurant, or a cafe.

  • The waiter cleared the table and took our orders.

Professions List Vocabulary / 2 Rules to Remember:

1. it is s essential to make difference between the feminine and the masculine uses for some types of jobs, , for example:

an actoran actress
a policemana policewoman

2. The indefinite article “a”

  • a” is used before a consonant:
    Examples: a baker, a pilot…
  • an” is used before a vowel:
    Examples: an astronaut, an optician…

Jobs Vocabulary List PDF Free Printable

List of Jobs and Occupations Posters

List of Jobs and Occupations Free Printable | Types of Jobs with Pictures

These are high-quality vocabulary posters in full color that you can print. They are ideal for classroom use. You can also use them at home with your children.

Jobs Vocabulary List PDF 1

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Jobs Vocabulary List PDF 2

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Jobs and Occupations Free Printable 3

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Jobs and Occupations Free Printable 4

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Jobs and Occupations Free Printable 5

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