Best Present Simple Exercises Worksheets Pdf Free Download


Best Present Simple Exercises Worksheets Pdf Free Download

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Best Present Simple Exercises Worksheets Pdf Free Download

The Simple Present Tense: Affirmative Form

In general, we use the simple present tense when we want to express a habit, and when we need to state true statements or general facts. For example:

  • I eat breakfast every morning.
  • She makes breakfast every day.
  • We sleep every night.
  • They go to the beach every weekend
1st personI eat fishwe eat fish
2nd personyou eat fish you eat fish
3rd personhe, she, it eats fishthey eat fish

Remember: that the verb after she, he, it (3rd person singular) has a final s eats.

Also, remember to add -es to verbs when using he, she, and it if the verb:

  • ends with z, s, x, ss, ch, or sh; for example: she washes her car.
  • ends with o; for example: Jessy goes to school.
  • ends with y preceded by a consonant; we change the y to i before adding -es; for example: Brian tries very hard.

The Simple Present Tense: Negative Form

1st personI do not drink teawe do not drink tea
2nd personyou do not drink teayou do not drink tea
3rd personhe, she, it does not drink teathey do not drink tea

Remember: Do and does are called “helping verbs.” The contractions of do not and does not are don’t and doesn’t. for example:

  • I don’t drink tea.
  • They don’t have a TV.
  • He doesn’t drink coffee.
  • Lucy doesn’t have a car.

The Simple Present Tense: Question Form

1st persondo I like coffee?do we like coffee?
2nd persondo you like coffee?do you like coffee?
3rd persondoes he, she, it like coffee?do they like coffee?

Remember: The main verb in the question does not have a final “s” . The final “s” is part of does. Thus, it is incorrect to say: Does Lucy likes coffee?

Also, remember that Do, don’t, does, and doesn’t are used in the short answers to yes/ no questions in the simple present. To illustrate:

  • Do you like fish?
    • Yes, I do. (I like fish.)
    • No, I don’t. (I don’t like fish.)
  • Does Brian drink coffee?
    • Yes, he does. (He drinks coffee.)
    • No, he doesn’t. (He doesn’t drink coffee.)
Best Present Simple Exercises Worksheets Pdf Free Download

Present Simple Exercises Worksheets Pdf Free Download

Rewrite the following sentences with the correct form of the simple present tense using the verb in parentheses.

  1. I (to love) cinnamon apple pie.
  2. They (to help) many people in the village.
  3. My brother (to fear) nothing.
  4. She (to drink) tea with lemon.
  5. He (to spoil) his children.
  6. I (to do) the housework for my mother.
  7. My husband (to do) the laundry.
  8. She (to go) to the Laundromat every week.
  9. We (to own) a cottage in the country.
  10. The teacher often (to stand) in the front of the room.
  11. It (to rain) a lot in our town.
  12. It (to snow) in New York City in the winter.
  13. Jessy (to work) downtown.
  14. My uncle (to manage) a restaurant.

Match the verbs in the box with the sentences and rewrite them in the correct form

  1. She _________ several foreign languages.
  2. My brother _________ every night.
  3. Jessica ______ blue jeans every day.
  4. Taylor ______ at the library in the evening.
  5. The snow ______ in the spring.
  6. Anna _______ her baby in a carriage.
  7. Sandy always ________to class on time.
  8. The boys ______ the rules in class.
  9. The little kittens ________ me everywhere.
  10. You _______ me money.
  11. Her father ________ in the local post office.
  12. My teacher________ everything
  13. Mary and peter __________ a lot of money.
  14. The little boy __________ very high.
  15. Our grandmother ________ raw onions.
  16. Carmen ________ a lot of perfume.

Put the verb in parentheses to complete the sentences as in the example:

  • Clara ______ her hair every morning. (brush)
  • Clara brushes her hair every morning.
  1. Alex ___________ Spanish. (teach)
  2. Peter ______ television at night. (watch)
  3. My father always _______ the bills on time. (pay)
  4. Brian _______ to work by car. (go)
  5. Emilia always ________ her children goodnight. (kiss)
  6. My sister often _________ dishes. (wash)
  7. A mechanic __________ cars. (fix)
  8. The teacher _______ books to class. (carry)
  9. Steven ________ coffee every morning. (drink)
  10. My sister always _________ her grades. (worry)

Present Simple Exercises Pdf

Use the words in parentheses to make negative sentences as in the example:

  • Megan ______ cheese. ( like not)
  • Megan doesn’t like cheese.
  1. Sara _____ seashells by the seashores. ( sell not)
  2. We ________ chicken. (eat not)
  3. The machine ______ well. (work not)
  4. I __________ German. ( speak not)
  5. She ______ him. (trust not)
  6. He _______ his umbrella. ( need not)
  7. Butterflies ________long. (live not)
  8. It ______ every day. (rain not)
  9. Charlie _____ a sandwich. (want not)
  10. My mother ______ every day. (cook not)

Choose and write the correct word:

  1. Valerie _________(don’t/ doesn’t) sneeze all the time.
  2. I ___________ (don’t/ doesn’t) believe her stories about the ghosts.
  3. My brother _________ (don’t/ doesn’t) eat apples.
  4. David _______ (don’t/ doesn’t) want eggs for breakfast.
  5. I __________ (don’t/ doesn’t) travel alone.
  6. Fiona _______ (don’t/ doesn’t) gossip in class.
  7. Camels ______ (don’t/ doesn’t) live in the sea.
  8. Their cat _______ (don’t/ doesn’t) like fish.
  9. It _______ (don’t/ doesn’t) belong to me.
  10. Roger ________ (don’t/ doesn’t) study very hard.

Simple Present Tense exercises worksheets PDF

Rewrite the following sentences to create the question form of the simple present tense

  • She has a bicycle.
  • Does she have a bicycle?
  1. They speak English.
  2. Tatiana wears blue jeans every day.
  3. They play football every Saturday.
  4. My father washes dishes after dinner.
  5. Kangaroos live in Australia.
  6. My sister studies at night.
  7. Olga comes from Sweden.
  8. Steven and Danna have a big car.
  9. My brothers play chess at night.
  10. She screams when she sees snakes.

Make questions, then give short answers as in the examples:

  1. Do you like sandwiches?
  2. Yes, I do. ( I like sandwiches)
  1. Do Ricky and Carl go to the gym?
  2. No, they don’t. (Ricky and Carl don’t go to the gym)
  1. He reads two books every month.
  2. Carmen doesn’t speak French.
  3. It rains a lot in March.
  4. Olivia doesn’t go shopping every day.
  5. Harry and Ella eat lobster.
  6. Oscar doesn’t go to the beach on his holiday
  7. My cat chases mice.
  8. It doesn’t snow in my city.
  9. This bus goes to Cambridge.
  10. My parents drive to work together.
  11. This shop sells sewing machines.
  12. Sophia has a motorcycle.
present simple exercises worksheets pdf free questions

Present Simple Reading Comprehension Pdf

Fill in the gaps; put the verbs in the correct form of the present simple:

Dylan Carter is a journalist and he works (work) for Local News, a TV news channel. Dylan ______ (not have) a typical daily routine. He _______ (start) work at midnight and he ______ (finish) at seven in the morning.

“I usually ________ (go) to sleep at about three in the afternoon,” says Dylan, “and ______ (get up) at eight in the evening. Then I ________ (have) ‘breakfast’ and I usually ________ (get) to work at about ten o’clock.”

Dylan_______ (not have) anything to eat at work, but he always ____________ (have) a big meal when he _______ (get) home.

The morning is his free time and he usually ______ (surf) the net or he _________ (do) some sport.

I _______ (like) my job very much,” says Dylan. “But my friends _______ (not like) it at all.

Present Simple Reading Comprehension For Adults

Fill in the gaps; put the verbs in the correct form of the present simple:

Hi there! my name ____ (be) Beatrice. I ______ (study) at home that ____(be) why I ____ (have) a flexible schedule. I ______ (not start) at a regular time. Today, I ______ (learn) about the stars, so I _____ (do) a lot of things at night!

My dad _____ (study) stars with me, but Mum ______ ( do not). She _______ (hate) being outside in the cold for hours.

Mum ______ (teach) me French, art and geography. Dad ______ (be) scientist so I _____(do) things like biology with him.

At the moment, my older sister ______ (study) for a physics exam, so Dad _______ (help) her and a friend.

Present Simple Reading Comprehension

Fill in the gaps; put the verbs in the correct form of the present simple:

What’s the Sound?

My mother and I _____ (watch) TV at night. My father ______( be not) at home. He _____ ( be) out for work. Suddenly we _________ (hear) a sound. ” What’s the sound? ” I ______ (ask) my mother. I ______ (be) very afraid. My mother ________ (go) out and ________ (see) what it is. She  ________ (get) to the door and ________(open) it. My little cat Lele ________ (come) in.

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