Free Reading Comprehension Worksheets pdf: Best 4 ESL Printable Reading Passages with Qusetions


Free Reading Comprehension Worksheets pdf

Are you looking for free reading comprehension worksheets pdf? or free ESL printable reading comprehension worksheets pdf, reading comprehension exercises, English comprehension passages with questions and answers free download, or simply because you are asking these questions: Where can I get free reading comprehension worksheets? Where can I find reading passages? How do you find comprehension? if so, then you have come to the right place.

In fact, reading skills provide language learners with the opportunity to independently acquire new knowledge, through visual perception, logical analysis, discrimination and recognition.

This post compiles some free ESL Printable reading comprehension worksheets pdf that will surely help reinforce and sharpen the learners’ reading comprehension skills. These comprehension worksheets will help boost students’ basic reading comprehension skills such as activating prior knowledge and expanding vocabulary knowledge as well.

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Best Printable Reading Comprehension Worksheets PDF Free: Best 3 ESL Printable Reading Passages with Questions
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Best 4 Free Printable Reading Comprehension Worksheets Pdf: Reading Comprehension Passages
Free Reading Comprehension Worksheets pdf

Free ESL Printable Reading Comprehension Worksheets pdf

Reading worksheets: English-comprehension-passages-free-download

I always wanted to travel with my family by train. So, we all decided to take the train to Chicago for a short spring break. Chicago is one of my favorite cities, and the kids enjoyed the journey. Of course, flying would have been faster. But I don’t think flying is easier, especially these days, with all the security procedures and waiting in lines at airports.

Though we were tired in the middle of the night, the kids got on the train with the exhilaration of this adventure. “We’re moving,” my son Edward shouted happily with big eyes as the train began to pull away from the Hutchinson station.

I removed my shoes and lay down to try to finish my night’s sleep. The sleeper car would have better enabled that, but the ordinary train seats were not too bad. An airline flight is a more miserable experience for me: not enough room, two hours of pain with my knees almost touching my chin, the hard seatback in front cracking my kneecaps with every move of the body planted in front of me. On the train, I could almost outstretch all my body in the generous legroom; apart from the opportunity to order food right at my seat.

The journey didn’t feel at all as long as it really was. We all found the train ride a joy. Riding in the car for hours would have been painful. But on the train, you are free to walk around, sit in the observation carriage for a while and enjoy the views from the windows, have a nice meal in the dining car, read a book, or play a board game.

In short, the train is all about enjoying the trip, which isn’t something I do so much when traveling by airline or by car when the trip seems more of a mission to get there than an experience to enjoy along the way. Chicago offers much to do for a family. This time, getting there was half the fun.

Read the passage and answer the questions:

  1. We can learn from the first paragraph that:
    • A.the kids love the train journey
    • was the first time that the kids traveled by train
    • C.the author didn’t enjoy the long train journey
    • D.Chicago is one of the kid’s favorite cities
  2. What does the word in bold “exhilaration” in Paragraph 2 probably mean?
    • A.Tiredness.
    • B. Relaxation.
    • C. Excitement
    • D.Worry.
  3. In the third paragraph, an airline flight experience is mentioned to indicate_____.
    • A.a train ride is more comfortable
    • B.a train ride is too long
    • airline flight is miserable
    • airline flight is easier
  4. Which of the following words best describes the whole family’s feeling about the train journey?
    • A.Frightened.
    • B. Nervous.
    • C.Disappointed.
    • D.Delighted.
Free Reading Comprehension Worksheets pdf

English Comprehension Passages with Questions and Answers Free Download

Free Reading Comprehension Passages:

Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future and motivating yourself to turn this vision of the future into reality. The process of setting goals helps you choose where you want to get in life. By knowing exactly what you want to achieve, you know how and in what areas you have to concentrate your efforts. You will be able to spot the distractions that would divert your attention from your point of concentration. Moreover, properly-set goals can be incredibly motivating, and as you get into the habit of setting and achieving goals, you will find out that your self-confidence builds fast.

Goal-setting techniques and strategies are used by top-level athletes, successful business people, and achievers in various fields of life. Goal-setting techniques provide you with long-term vision and short-term motivation. These techniques help you develop and focus your acquisition of knowledge, and assist you to organize your time resources so that you can make the very most of your life.

By setting sharp, clearly defined goals you can easily measure your accomplishment and take pride in the achievement of those goals. You can see forward progress in what might previously have seemed a long pointless grind. By setting goals you will also raise your self-confidence, as you recognize your ability and competence in attaining the goals that you have set.

Goals are set on a number of different levels. First, you create your “big picture” of what you want to do with your life and decide what large-scale goals you want to achieve. Second, you break these big goals down into smaller targets that you may want to hit to reach your lifetime goals. Finally, once you have
your plan, you start working down to the things you can do today. Start moving forwards so that you can surely achieve your goals step by step.

Read the passage and answer the questions:

  1. The word “divert” in paragraph 1 can be replaced by _.
    • A. take
    • B. manage
    • C. distract
    • D. promise
  2. In order to feel a sense of achievement, you should _.
    • A. turn a long pointless task into what you like
    • B. compare what you have done with your goals
    • C. predict progress you hope to make in advance
    • D. set specific goals and manage to achieve them
  3. What is the last paragraph mainly about?
    • A. The way to create the ideal of future
    • B. The different types of personal goals
    • C. The process of setting personal goals
    • D. The different levels for lifetime goals
  4. What is the best title for the passage?
    1. A. Self-confidence Tips
    2. B. Personal Goal Setting
    3. C. How to Achieve Success
    4. D. Different Levels of Goals

Reading Comprehension Worksheets Pdf

ESL Reading Comprehension Worksheets Pdf

Nowadays, being a teacher is a difficult yet rewarding job. Not everyone is well suited to teaching. Aside from having a love for working with children, being a teacher is not like any other job.

An effective teacher is not only the master of his or her subject area, but also an educator with a strong emotional character. Every day, a good teacher is expected to enjoy communicating with students from different social backgrounds, with different learning skills, and with multiple intelligences and emotions.

A good teacher sets high expectations of all students and never neglects or despises the underachievers. A good teacher is always available to help students anytime. Also, an efficient teacher is willing to support students who need extra assistance in learning the subject and encourage them to focus on effort, not excellence.

An effective teacher begins their lesson by giving clear instructions, describing expectations, and activities, and evaluating procedures. This will ensure that students remain on task during the whole session. Being asked open-ended questions require students to provide explanation and elaboration. This is a great opportunity to get them to explain themselves even more, and to help them remain interested and not be bored. Difficult as this may sound; however, this can be achieved.

What is more, an effective teacher is always an enthusiastic and active, organized and clear, positive and caring person, and often tries to make learning fun. A good teacher does not simply write the assignment on the board, and tell the students: “There’s your assignment, get to work!”. Instead, an effective teacher varies instructional methods, provides work of appropriate difficulty, adds materials and technology, uses games and rich media in the learning process. As a result, students will stay animated and crave learning.

Read the passage and answer the questions:

  1. If you want to be a good teacher you should __.
    • A. be good only at teaching your lessons
    • B. form the habit of working with children
    • C. enjoy communicating with different students
    • D. try your best to follow school rules
  2. As a teacher, you should do all the following EXCEPT __.
    • A. expect everyone to make progress
    • B. help students who do badly in their lessons
    • C. help students before or after class
    • D. do some of the homework for students
  3. A teacher can ask some open-ended questions in order to __.
    • A. keep students busy
    • B. to get students to explain themselves even more
    • C. help students achieve more
    • D. force students to learn more knowledge
  4. Which of the following shows that a teacher is active, clear and positive?
    • A. Writing homework on the blackboard.
    • B. Asking students to work hard.
    • C. Reminding students to finish homework in time.
    • D. Making learning interesting by using rich media like games and technology.
english comprehension passages with questions and answers free download

Free Reading Comprehension Worksheets pdf

Reading Comprehension Worksheets Free

On a Sunday morning, I was driving down a road and saw something I couldn’t believe. A little girl, less than two, was pushing her stroller across the road. It was Sunday morning and traffic was not heavy.

I stopped my car at once and ran toward her. This little girl knew enough to run from a stranger. I tried to catch her in order that I could get her out of the road.

Suddenly her father came running down a hill across the road from where I had parked my car. He ran right to her and caught her up, saying “bad girl” to her. I picked up the stroller and gave it to him. The father grabbed the stroller and walked toward where he came from without a word.

I went back and sat in my car for a few minutes with my son. My hands were shaking and tears were about to run out of my eyes. “Do you feel cold, Mom?” asked my son. I just shook my head.

After this happened, I thought about how thankful I am. Even though the father didn’t say thank you, I feel that I did something good. Doing something for someone else is pleasing, even when it’s only a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

I didn’t really “save” her, but I feel like it was important that I happened to be there. It is sad that I was the only one who stopped. It really made me a little disappointed that no one else stopped to help.

Read the passage and answer the questions:

  1. When the author saw the little girl, _____.
    • A.the girl had lost her way
    • B.she was driving to work in a hurry
    • C.the girl feared to go across the road
    • D.there weren’t many cars on the road
  2. The little girl ran away from the author because _____.
    • A.she wanted to stay on the road
    • B.she didn’t know the author at all
    • C.she wanted to look for her father
    • D.she needed to catch her stroller
  3. Why were the author’s hands shaking?
    • A.Because she was not feeling well.
    • B.Because she was too excited to keep calm.
    • C.Because the weather was very cold at that time.
    • D.Because she failed to be understood by the girl’s father.
  4. The author thought that her help was _____.
    • A.really necessary
    • B.worth praising
    • C.not welcome
    • D. not useful
reading comprehension worksheets free

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