Theirs in a Sentence: Their and Theirs in a Sentence + Best Their vs Theirs Exercises


Theirs in a Sentence

When we use their or theirs? What is the difference between their and theirs? Give Theirs in a sentence? what are some their theirs exercises ? In this post, we will learn about the main uses of their and theirs. We will also depict the difference between their and theirs. Sentence examples of their theirs will be listed. So, what is the difference between their and theirs?

As a general rule, “Their” is a possessive adjective. It is also known as a possessive determiner. Their is used to describe and qualify a noun. For Instance:

  • Anna and Jimmy have a car. It’s their car.

So, a possessive pronoun tells to whom or to what something belongs.

Theirs, on the other hand, is different. Theirs is a pronoun, more specifically it is a possessive pronoun. It replaces the possessive adjective and a noun when the noun is understood. For example:

  • Anna and Jimmy have a car. This is their car. The car is theirs.

Theirs” replaces a noun phrase and answers the question Whose? For more clarification, let’s consider this table:

Subject pronounPossessive adjectivePossessive pronoun
you (singular)youryours
he, she, ithis, her, ithis, hers, its
you (plural)youryours
What is the difference between their and theirs?

More examples are listed below:

  • This is my dress. The dress is mine.
  • It is your cat. The cat is yours.
  • This is his money. The money is his.
  • Her cat is smart. Hers is smart.
  • This is our laptop. The laptop is ours.
  • These are your friends. The friends are yours.
  • Their daughter is an engineer. Theirs is an engineer.
What is the difference between their and theirs?

When We Use Their Or Theirs?

Note: Remember that:

  • Their” comes before a noun phrase.
  • Theirs” replaces a noun phrase and answer the question Whose?


Your house. Yours.

Their and Theirs in a Sentence:

Their kids, their car, their house; all is theirs.
Helen and Zack have got bikes. The bikes are theirs.
These two rabbits are theirs.
It wasn’t Natalie’s fault. it was theirs.
It’s a favorite book of theirs.
Karen’s wedding ceremony will be held after theirs.
Actually, My sister needs your advise, not theirs.
Theirs are the children by the swimming pool.
Which is their novel?
Theirs was a smart plan that offered a better solution to the problem.

Their Theirs Exercises:

Exercise 1:

Underline the correct word as in the example:

  • Dolly is ( their, theirs ) sister.
  1. This big house is ( their, theirs ).
  2. It’s Tim and Suzy’s cat. It’s ( their, theirs ) cat.
  3. These white flowers are ( their, theirs ).
  4. This is ( their, theirs ) garden. It’s ( their, theirs ).
  5. This is my parents’ car. It’s ( their, theirs ).
  6. Mr Robbin is ( their, theirs ) father.

Exercise 2:

Change the possessive adjective to a possessive pronoun and remove the noun. For example:

  • Helary has my phone. She has mine
  1. The red car on the street corner is their car. ____________________________
  2. Was this your dress? _________________________________
  3. Did Carmen find her keyring? __________________________
  4. His boss is unfair with everyone. ____________________________
  5. These problems are completely his problems. __________________________
  6. Our family have lived in Mexico for a long time. _______________________________
  7. I need your advice. _________________________
  8. Their quarrel about money made no sense. ________________________

Exercise 3:

Circle the correct word that best completes each sentence.

  1. Her son met his/her/their wife in Ohio.
  2. Did you leave yours/mine/your keys on the table?
  3. This encyclopedia is our/his/her, and that one belongs to Samantha.
  4. I think I forgot mine/her/my again.
  5. My sister gave mine/her/its bag to me.
  6. Where did they buy theirs/skirt/its?
  7. We found your tickets, but where are my/her/ours?
  8. Hers/Theirs/His uncle is coming to U.S. to live.
  9. The racoon hurt its/hers/front foot in a trap.
  10. May I have hers/my/mine lunch now?
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