Man and Men: What is the difference between men and man? Interesting Sentence Examples of Men vs Man


man and men

What is the difference between man and men ? Is man plural or singular? What’s plural of man? Why are men plural? When should we use ‘man’ and ‘men’? Is the plural of man ‘mans’?

As a general rule, we form plurals in English in a quite simple way: by adding the letter -s to the end of a noun. For example:

  • cat. cats
  • book. books

However, certain other nouns form their plural in an entirely irregular way. and the noun man is no exception. Let’s consider the list below:

one mantwo men
one womanfour women
one childmany children
one foottwo teeth
one mousethree mice
one oxfive oxen
one gooseten geese
When should we use ‘man’ and ‘men’?

Man and Men: Is man plural or singular?

Man is singular, and Men is plural. Man refers to an adult male human being. Also, the word Man refers to humans or humankind, either male or female. Thus:

  • Man = only one
  • Men = two or more

For example:

  • Mr. Brown was a lucky man to find such a good partner.
  • Jimmy is a good-looking young man.
  • The damage caused by man to the environment is severe.
man and men men vs man
man vs men, men vs man

Man vs Men Sentence Example:

The men were so brave as they faced the armed soldiers.
Richard was a self-made man who was able to build his fortune from scratch.
He was one of the men who helped the police to solve the problem.
Ben is a horrible man who quarrels about nothing.
Three men were rescued from the burning store.
What’s Emilia’s new man like?
The major injury hindered the men from walking properly.
The man took his kids to the playground.
Is the plural of man ‘mans’?

Can you start a sentence with man?

As a whole, we can start a sentence with man. Let’s consider the following example sentences:

  1. Man is responsible for global warming.
  2. Man is always on pursuit of peace and happiness.
  3. Man destroys his kind first, then animals, then mother nature.
  4. Man should do huge efforts to put an end to wars.
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