What are Examples of Homonyms? Amazing Homonyms List of 60+ Terms with Examples

What are Examples of Homonyms? homonyms examples

The English Language is replete with words like homonyms. They are words that have the same spelling and the same pronunciation, but their meanings are different. The majority of these words might engender immense potential for confusion to some people. Therefore, to remove some troubles and misunderstandings while dealing with homonyms, the following questions will be tackled in this article: what are homonyms? What are examples of homonyms? what are some homonyms words with meanings and sentences?

As previously stated, homonyms are chiefly words that are spelled and pronounced the same but are different in meanings. Here are some examples to make it clearer what these words are:

  • arm (weapon) vs arm (hand)
  • bank (of a river) vs bank (financial institution)
  • kind (nice & caring) vs kind (type of something)
  • fair (just) vs fair (entertainment)
  • row (as a noun: meaning a line) vs row (as a verb: meaning propel a boat)

It should be noted that some homonyms have more than two meanings. Also, one of the homonyms might be less commonly used than the other, the fact that adds to the complexity of the topic.

In this article, you will discover a huge list of homonyms in English, together with some very useful example sentences of homonyms that will help clarify and overcome troubles and difficulties around this topic.

Homonyms Examples

What Are Examples of Homonyms? Homonyms Words with Meanings

HomonymMeaning 1Meaning 2
addressto speak toplace or location
airthe gas surrounding the earththe look, appearance, tune, or voice of a person
armupper limba weapon
banda musical groupa ring
banklake or river bordermonetary institution
barka tree’s out layerthe sound a dog makes
batan implement used to hit a balla nocturnal flying mammal
bearheavy animalto support something, to hold
blazeburning firewhite stripe down the center of the head of an animal
bookwritten or printed papersto reserve in advance
brightvery smart or intelligentfilled with light
canbe able toa container
circularhaving the form of a circlea leaflet
clipa device that grip or hookcut the outer part of
coolnot hotvery good
currentup to dateflow of water
datethe edible fruit of palm treetime of an event
ducka type of birdsto lower quickly
eggto urge, to inciteshelled body produced by birds
expressa fast version of something, a fast deliveryto show your thoughts by writing or talking
fairequitable, honestpleasing to the eye
fallthe season of autumngo down quickly
fandevice to produce cool airan enthusiastic admirer of someone, or group
file to arrangea device to keep papers in order
flyto move through the air with wingsan insect
gifta capacity or talentsomething given voluntarily
kinda type of somethingcaring, gentle
lieto recline, to extendto tell untrue statement
matchto join or pair like itemsa stick or cord for making a flame
meanaveragenot nice, lucking dignity
nailthe upper end of a fingera fastener to be pounded in
palmpart of human handa tree
pointa small markto direct attention
polea long slender objectinside front position on the starting line of a race
poundunit of weight and massto beat, to strike
pupilthe iris of the eyea student
putto place, to layto cause to endure
quarrya site for mining stoneto extract, to dig, or take from
rapea criminal offensea yellow crop
reama quantity of paperto press out the juice of a citrus fruit
ringa small metal worn on a fingersomething circular in shape
rightcorrect and to the pointdirection opposite of left
rocka type of musica stone
rosepast tense of risea type of flower
rulera small device used for measuringa person that rules
sawpast tense of seea machine used to cut materials like wood
scale machine used for weighingto throw, to shed scales
shipboatto shoot
sinkgo to the bottoma pool for the deposit of waste
springa seasonto make a leap
stalka part of a plantto follow or harass someone
tendergentleoffer of money
tiea necktieto fasten, to join
tireto become worn outa part of a wheel
tripa journeyto run, to sprint
watchto be attentivea timepiece fashioned to be worn
waveto salute using motions with handsa moving swell on the surface of sea
wellin a proper manner, good healtha source for water or oil in the ground
zestenthusiasm and eagerness a peel of a citrus fruit
Homonyms List

What are examples of homonyms? Common Homonyms Example Sentences List


  1. The load was too heavy for the wall to bear.
  2. The hunters trapped the bear in a large net


  1. The supermarket was on fire, and the blaze could be seen for miles.
  2. The brown horse had a nice large blaze on its forehead.


  1. She had a hard-boiled egg for breakfast.
  2. He egged his sister on to steal the money.


  1. The weather was fair during the ceremony.
  2. Mother took her kids to the fair.


  1. The cat was sitting near the fan in order to keep cool.
  2. Her father is a great fan of Manchester United.


  1. James was incensed when he heard the bad news.
  2. A smell of incense filled the whole room.


  1. His uncle worked in a post office all his life.
  2. The man hung his hat on a post fixed in the ground.


  1. She paid a pound for a pound of peas.
  2. The cook began to pound the mixture to a soft paste.
  3. The stray dogs were taken to the pound.


  1. Mrtha was considered the most gifted pupil in her primary school.
  2. The pupil of his eye was dilated.


  1. In most countries, rape is considered a very serious crime.
  2. Rape is an old land measure in southern England.
  3. Rape is an invaluable crop in some parts of the world.


  1. This cake recipe requires the zest of three lemons.
  2. Sabine was depressed and lost her zest for life.

Related Questions

What is the Difference Between Homonyms and Homophones?

Now you have explored some examples of homonyms; homophones on the other hand are words that have the same pronunciation, but different spelling and different meanings. Examples of homophones are:

What is the Difference Between Homonyms and Homographs?

Homographs are mainly words that have the same spelling, but different pronunciations and meanings.

Note that:

Homonyms can be homophones, homographs, or both.

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