What Are the Most Confusing Words in English? Huge List of Confusing Words in English


What Are the Most Confusing Words in English

What are the most confusing words in English? what are commonly confused words with meaning? What are the most confusing words in English? list of confusing words in English pdf

In general, the English language includes many confusing words that sound alike but are spelled differently; and because vocabulary is basic and an essential part of writing, speaking, and reading; it is quite important to recognize the most commonly confused and misused words in English. it can be very tricky for language learners to depict the difference between these similar words; however, it is primordial to be familiar with the most confusing words in English.

This lengthy list of the top most confusing words pairs, organized in alphabetical order with simple definitions, will hopefully help you begin to recognize the specific differences between different pairs of words.

Commonly Misspelled Words

what are commonly confused words with meaning

What Are the Most Confusing Words in English ? List of Confusing Words in English Pdf

AcceptAgree to receive or take what is offered
ExceptNot included
AccessEntryway, way in.
ExcessPortion that is more than required
AdaptChange or alter according to conditions
AdoptLegally take another’s child as your own.
AdviceNoun. Guidance offered to an inexperienced person.
AdviseVerb. Action of giving advice.
AffectMake a difference to something
EffectResult of something
AidAssistance or help.
AidePerson who assists
A LotA large number
AllotAssign to, give out
AlreadyBefore the time expected  e.g. “You are done already? That was fast”
All ReadyFully prepared
AllusionHint at something
Illusion“seeing” something that is not there
AmoralHaving no morals
ImmoralDoing something that society does not consider to be moral
AscentGoing up, commonly used in mountain climbing
AuralTo do with the ear or hearing
OralTo do with speaking or the mouth
BiannualTwice a year
BiennialEvery second year
BoardFlat piece of wood used in building
BoredMade a hole in something with a drill
BrakeTo stop a car using mechanical means
BreakDo something to stop a thing from operating or being whole.  e.g. “Break a cup”
BreachMake a gap or hole in something.  e.g. “the dam was breached and the town was flooded”
Breech1. Part of a gun or rifle   2. type of birth where feet come first
BridalTo do with a bride or woman getting married
BridleLeather harness on a horse’s head
CanvasType of material
CanvassTo go to the people looking for support in an election
Capital1. Main city in the country  2. money owned by a business
CapitolThe building in Washington D.C. in which the American government meet 
What Are the Most Confusing Words in English
list of confusing words in english pdf
CaratThe unit of weight of gems and precious stones
CaretA line on a page showing where a missing word should go.
CarrotA vegetable
ChordA combination of musical notes
CordA length of string or rope
ComplementSomething that looks good with something else  e.g. “that hat complements your coat”
ComplimentAn expression of praise
ConfidantSomeone you tell your secrets to
ConfidentHave faith in something. e.g. “I’m confident I’ll ass the exam”
CouncilA group who take decisions on the running of something, usually a town or village
CounselAdvice, especially by a professional.
CourseDirection as in the aeroplane is on course
CurbTo stop or restrain an activity
KerbThe joint between the road and the footpath
CurrantDried grapes used in cooking
CurrentUp to date
DemurRaise doubts or objections
DemureModest, shy
DescentGoing downwards, descent of the hill
DecentUp to standard
DissentRaise objections
DesertDry land where very little grows
DessertPart of a meal
DeviceObject used for a particular purpose
DeviseThink of a plan
DieExpire, lose life
DyeChange colour
DraftA written report that needs more work
DraughtBlast of cold wind in a building
ElicitTo encourage a reply or response
IllicitAgainst the law
ImminentVery close to happening
EnvelopTo wrap around
EnvelopePaper pocket for putting letters for mailing
EspeciallyVery much, a great deal
SpeciallySomething different from the normal
FazeDisturb the composure
PhaseA period or stage in a process
FlammableEasily set on fire
InflammableEasily set on fire (yes they mean the same thing)
FormallyAccording to the rules of convention or etiquette
FormerlyIn the past
ForthForwards or onwards
Fourth4th , of the number 4 in a line
ForwardOnward, in the direction you are facing
ForewordAn introduction to a book
HangarShed for storing aircraft
HangerAn item for hanging clothes in a wardrobe
HoardA collection of money or other valuables
HordeGroup of people usually not behaving very well
HolePuncture or opening.
ItsUsed to show possession e.g. “its coat”
It’sContraction for it is or it has
KnowHave knowledge or understanding
NoOpposite of yes
LeadVerb Make one or more follow you.
LeadNoun. A Metal. Pronounced Led
LedPast tense of Lead
LicenceNoun.  A permit to do or own something
LicenseVerb.  To  authorise or to grant a licence for something
LooseNot tight or tied
LoseVerb Past Tense of Lost.  Unable to find or no longer have
MedalBadge or award worn on chest or around neck.
MeddleVerb  To interfere, to intrude in someone’s business.
MeterA machine that measures and records amount or rate of flow
Metre100 centimetres
NavalTo do with the navy.
NavelThe hole in your belly caused by the cutting of your umbilical cord
OmitLeft out
EmitLet go or discharge especially a gas or sound
PalateThe roof of your mouth
PaletteA thin board on which an artist mixes his paints
PalletA wooden or plastic stand on which goods are stacked for transportation
PatientsSick or unwell people
PatienceAbility to tolerate delay or trouble without getting upset
PiecePortion or section as in a piece of bread
PeakTop of a mountain, especially pointed top
PeekTo spy. To have a quick look
Pique1. Stimulate an interest.  2. Feel hurt and resentful
PedalNoun.  Footrest on a bicycle   Verb.  Action of moving a bicycle using pedals
PeddleTo sell goods especially going from market to market
Peer1. to look with difficulty. 2. Member of classed society (Lord, Duke)
PierWall leading out to sea where boats tie up.
Pole1. North or South Pole   2. a long thin rounded piece of wood or metal
PollAn election or record of the number of votes in an election
PracticeNoun. A profession
PractiseVerb. Do a skill over and over to improve
PrayTalk to god usually with hands together
PreySomething being hunted, usually for food.
Principal1. head of a school  2. sum of money invested  3.  the main or most important
PrincipleA fundamental truth or belief
QuietAdjective.  Little or no noise
QuiteAdverb.  To a certain degree    e.g. quite slow or quite fast
RainMoisture falling from the sky in drops.
ReignPeriod of rule by a king or queen.
ReinStrap used to guide a horse.
ReadVerb Present Tense.  To  look at and understand written words
ReedDried plant stem used in thatching (roofing)
ReadVerb. Past Tense. To have looked at and understood written words. Pronounced Red
RealActually existing, not artificial
Reel1. part of a fishing rod where the line is kept.  2. Celtic dance.
Right1. Opposite of left.  2. correct, not wrong
RiteReligious ceremony.
WritePut words on paper using a pen.
RoleActor’s part in a play.
RollNoun. 1. List of names.  2. small loaf of bread.   Verb  to turn over as in “roll the dice” 
ScenePart of a play
SensorA devise for detecting movement or noise
CenserA container in which incense is burnt
CensorA person who judges books and films for their suitability
CensureExpress strong disapproval
ShearTo take wool off sheep, to cut with a scissors
Sheer1. straight drop (cliff)  2.  see through cloth   3. Nothing but  e.g.  sheer hard work
ShoneVerb Past Tense.  To Give out bright light  e.g.  “the sun shone down”
ShownVerb Past Tense. Made something visible
SightPower of seeing
CiteQuote a passage in a book
StationaryIn a stopped position
StationeryTo do with pens, pencils, paper, envelopes
StoreyFloors in a building
TeamGroup of people acting together
Teem(to do with rain) To fall heavily or pour down
ThanUsed in comparing things. e.g. “One is taller than the other”
Then1. at that time   2.  after that
TheirBelonging to them  e.g. their coats
ThereIn that place
They’reContraction  They are
ToPreposition.  Expressing direction  e.g. to him, to the door
Too1.  Also, in addition   2.  greater degree than is safe or permitted  e.g. too fast
TwoNumber 2
WaistPart of your body below the ribs and above the hips
WasteFail to make good or full use of something causing it to be thrown away

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