Verb to Be Exercises with Answers: Best am is are Exercises Worksheet Pdf


am is are worksheet with answers

Verb to be exercises with answers.

In the English language, verbs are a major part of communication because they describe actions, events, customs, states, facts, etc. The verb Be is one of the most important verbs since it is the most used verb in written and spoken communication.

Be Verb Forms, Simple Present

To Be: Present Tense: Affirmative Form

Singular Plural
First PersonI amwe are
Second Personyou areyou are
Third Personhe, she, it isthey are

To Be: Present Tense: Negative Form

Singular Plural
First PersonI am notwe are not
Second Personyou are notyou are not
Third Personhe, she, it is notthey are not

To Be: Present Tense: Question Form

Singular Plural
First Personam Iare we
Second Personare youare you
Third Personis he, she, it are they

is are am Sentence Exercise: Verb to be exercises with answers.

The verb “be” describes the identity, qualities, or conditions of a person or thing.

Complete each sentence with the simple present affirmative form of the verb be:

  • The baby ___________ in the crib.
  • You ______ ready.
  • The candles _________ on the table.
  • It ________ a good story.
  • The boys ______ awake.
  • My grandfather ________asleep on the couch.
  • Amanda ______ in the shower.
  • The cups ______ in the cupboard.
  • The kids ________ at the skating rink.
  • The moon ________ bright tonight.
Verb to be exercises with answers.

be verb Example Sentence

Rewrite the following sentences to create the present tense by choosing the correct form of the verb to be in parentheses

  • The little girl (am, is, are) pretty.
  • I (am, is, are) busy today.
  • We (am, is, are) tired.
  • The toys (am, is, are) in the store.
  • He (am, is, are) ready.
  • She (am, is, are) my friend.
  • They (am, is, are) twins.
  • The flowers (am, is, are) pink.
  • The dining room (am, is, are) very small.
  • The vacuum cleaner (am, is, are) in the closet.
  • The flashlight (am, is, are) in the pocket.
  • The counter and the shelves in the kitchen (am, is, are) dirty.
  • The ribbons in her hair (am, is, are) white.
  • He (am, is, are) nice.
  • The new oven (am, is, are) in the kitchen.
  • The toy (am, is, are) on the floor.
  • I (am, is, are) student.
  • They (am, is, are) late again.
  • We (am, is, are) ready for the test.
  • I (am, is, are) interested in winter sports.
  • It (am, is, are) easy.
  • Your coat (am, is, are) in the wardrobe.
  • You (am, is, are) taller than I .
  • My brothers (am, is, are) on vacation.
  • Gabby (am, is, are) from San Francisco.
  • My roommate’s name (am, is, are) Sally.
  • She (am, is, are) the director.
  • They (am, is, are) in class together.

is are am Sentence Exercise

Complete the following sentences using the correct form of the verb to be.

1My uncle______nice.
2The windows ______ open.
3You very ___________clever.
4We ________ twins.
5The cat ________sick.
6Bill and Bob ______brothers.
7The ribbons ______ red.
8The clouds ________white.
9The ladybug _____ on the counter.
10She _______ my niece.
11We ________ teachers.
12It _______ a Spanish book.
13The pc ________ in my room.
14The kids _________ lazy.
15The lady _______ happy.
16The grass _________ green.
17The tents ______ red.
18The orange juice________ cold.
19The flowers ______ white.
20The fridge and the microwave _________in the kitchen.

is am are worksheet

Rewrite the following sentences to express the negative form:

  1. The eraser is in the pencil case. ___________________
  2. The keys are in the car. ___________________
  3. The jam is on the table. ___________________
  4. She is my sister. ___________________________
  5. My neighbors are French. __________________
  6. The drawers are empty. ___________________________
  7. It is a nice park. _____________________
  8. The subway is full. __________________
  9. My sister-in-law is Scotish. _____________________
  10. Helena is pregnant. ____________________________
  11. The limes are sour. ________________________
  12. The girls are in the tent. __________________________
  13. We are busy at work. _______________________
  14. Her hands are dirty. ____________________________
  15. He is a teacher in my school. ____________________
  16. The van is empty. _______________________
  17. The students are early for class today. ____________________
  18. The windows are dirty. ___________________________
  19. It is a nice flower. ___________________________
  20. The oven is in the kitchen. _____________________
  21. My brother is at the office. _______________________

is are am Sentence Exercise: Negative Form

Rewrite the following statements as yes/no questions. For example:

  • It is early.
  • Is it early?
  • Your van is in the garage.
  • Anna is in a good mood.
  • They are siblings.
  • Suzan is depressed.
  • Her computer is broken.
  • There are many books on the desk.
  • The tea is too hot.
  • The city showroom is the oldest building in the city.
  • There is a post office near here.
  • The zoo is open on Thursdays and Fridays.
  • The lights are off.

There is There are

In English, we use the word there with the verb to be to talk about the existence of things or people. For example:

  • There are two bridges across the river.
  • There is one kitchen in the apartment.

We should note that the form of the be verb is based on the subject that follows it.

  • Singular subject: There is a show in the park tonight.
  • Plural subject: There are six rooms in the house.

There is There are Exercise

Circle the verb that agrees in number with the subject that follows it:

  1. There is/are several parks in my city.
  2. There is/are a hammock at the end of the hall.
  3. There is/are a typo on page 5.
  4. There is/are someone at the door.
  5. There is/are only one possible answer to the question.
  6. There is/are a bank on the corner of Richardson and Mcsteven.
  7. There is/are twenty students in the class.
  8. There is/are still tickets available.
  9. There is/are a huge fountain in front of the park.
  10. There is/are many people here today.

am is are exercises worksheet pdf

am is are exercises worksheet pdf
am is are exercises worksheet pdf

am is are worksheet with answers

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