What Should I Answer with How’s Your Day? How’s it going? 112 Amazing How Is Your Day Going Answer


what should I answer with how's your day

What Should I Answer with How’s Your Day? How’s it going? How to answer on how was your day? what should I answer with “How’s your day?” “How’s It going?” Have you ever thought about other alternatives and responses to how was your day? Many people would answer with: “Not too bad.”, or “Pretty good, thanks!” just “fine!”. Are you supposed to give an honest answer, or lie and respond simply by claiming you are good?

Actually, generic questions like “How’s your day?” or “How’s It going?” are considered as cultural starters of polite cozy small talks or conversations. These kinds of social expressions “greetings” work as positive politeness strategies people use to establish a certain amount of rapport, and to claim some common ground with each other, either to initiate a healthy discussion or simply to have a few moments of social interaction.

Therefore, The question “How’s your day?” is used to serve a particular social purpose, rather than being an authentic appeal to learn in detail what happened to you today.

The most common answer to “How’s your day?” or “How’s It going?” is “I am fine, thank you, what about you?” This blog post will list some other interesting answers that you can use depending on the overall situation.

What Should I Answer with How’s Your Day

What Should I Answer with How’s Your Day If My Day Is Going Well

In fact, there exist multiple positive answers to reply to the question “How’s it going?” if your day is going well. Here are some of these possible happy positive replies:

  • it was lovely
  • It’s been great, and yours?
  • It’s been good, yours?
  • Fantastic! How are you?
  • I’m well, how about you?
  • Living the Dream.
  • Somewhere between better and best.
  • Fine, how’s it going with you?
  • it was good
  • All the better now that you asked.
  • Oh stop it, you. (Say it like you’re receiving a compliment even though you are not. LOL)
  • Much better now that you are with me.
  • It’s going great, what about you?
  • Hey, I’m fantastic, thanks for asking! How’s your day been so far?
  • Absolutely amazing, yours?
  • Oh, I am fine. Everything is right with my world, thanks for asking.

How to Answer on How Was Your Day If Your Day Is Going Badly

If your day was not fine, possible answers might include, but are not limited to the following answers:

  • it was terrible.
  • Not great.
  • Could be better.
  • I was fired
  • Life sucks
  • I am unwell
  • Bad.
  • Awful.
  • I feel like trash.
  • Exhausted.
  • I’m plugging along.
  • Perfectly dreadful thanks, and you?
  • Bored.

How to Answer on How was Your Day If Your Day is Going Okay

The list below compiles 30 interesting ways how to answer on how was your day.

  1. It’s going really well
  2. I’m alright.
  3. I’m (doing) well.
  4. I am well; thank you.
  5. I am good.
  6. fine.
  7. Just fine, thank you.
  8. Oh, you know, the usual.
  9. pretty good.
  10. can’t complain
  11. I’m here
  12. I can’t complain, but sometimes I still do.
  13. SSDD (Same stuff, different day)
  14. One day closer to my rest.
  15. Not great.
  16. Nothing much or not much
  17. Nothing new
  18. Same old
  19. Nothing, just tired
  20. It’s too hot today
  21. It’s too cold today
  22. Cool
  23. Preparing for exams
  24. Going to………….. Place
  25. Searching for a job
  26. I got promoted
  27. Not bad, but the day is young!
  28. It could be worse!
  29. No complaints
  30. Not bad. You?
  31. I’m blessed!
  32. it was so-so
  33. Not bad but not great.

50+ Funny answers to How’s your day

When greeting each other, we keep in mind that answers should be generally sweet and short; we may want to try a little humor in our response. The following list is about some creative responses to how was your today?

  1. well, I spent the morning running from zombies, how about you?
  2. I found a magic wardrobe in my attic this morning”
  3. Let me think about it, and I’ll get back to you.
  4. When do you need an answer by?
  5. I think I might be ok to drive now.
  6. Do you really want to know? (With sideways look)
  7. My wife tells me I’m doing better.
  8. I think the chemo is helping.
  9. Almost feeling human again.
  10. I forgot to feed the dragons last night”
  11. Oh, you know…I’m living the dream
  12. I was busy saving the world. I didn’t step out of my house – saved the earth from pollution; didn’t cook – saved energy; didn’t wash clothes – saved water; didn’t take shower – saved more water..
  13. Quite how, thank you. (This makes no sense, but it’s funny.)
  14. Busy busy busy!
  15. My day was good, I cooked some food and I went on a walk and cleaned a little bit. Not much overall but it was nice! How was yours?”
  16. That depends. Did we get the specs on the Arbuthnot project yet?
  17. Fantastic! Someone finally got the printer fixed.
  18. It’s Wednesday. How do you think it’s going?
  19. I dunno. You tell me. I just got here.
  20. Overworked and underpaid.
  21. Nothing much. (This one is so trite that it takes a few moments for the humor to sink in.)

How Was Your Day Answers: Creative Responses

  1. I don’t know, you tell me. How am I right now?
  2. Can’t complain. Nobody listens to me anyway.
  3. Good enough. (This one will definitely keep them guessing.)
  4. If I were any better, I’d be you.
  5. Not so well, does that bother you?
  6. Nice and dandy like cotton candy. (Dandy rhymes with cotton candy!)
  7. I can’t complain! It’s against the Company Policy.
  8. Average. Not terrific, not terrible, just average.
  9. If I were any better, I’d be illegal.
  10. So far, so good!
  11. How dare you! (If you don’t have an immediate reply in mind, just say this automatically. LOL)
  12. Better now that I’m talking to you.
  13. Well, I haven’t had my morning coffee yet and no one has gotten hurt, so I’d say “pretty good” at this point in time.
  14. Well, unless the weather has different plans in store.
  15. Maybe one day you’ll be lucky enough to find out.
  16. I hear good things, but you should never listen to rumors.
  17. Like a pitbull in a butcher shop [or any other outrageous simile].
  18. As fine as a maiden’s flaxen hair.
  19. At minding my own business? Better than most people.
  20. I am as happy as a tick on a big, fat dog.
  21. Do you really care?
  22. Armed and ready!
  23. My lawyer says I don’t have to answer that question.
  24. What do you want? (Hahaha. This might across as rude, so use with caution.)
  25. I’ve been going through some crests and troughs in my life. Is everything stable at your end?
  26. Like you, but better.
  27. I could really go for a massage.
  28. I’d say I’m a [insert number here] out of 10.
  29. I was fine until you asked.
  30. If I were doing any better, I’d hire you to enjoy it with me.

60 Other Ways To Say How Are You?

Instead of asking the same boring question “how’s your day?” or “how are you?”, how about if we ask the same question in a more interesting different way?

  1. How are you doing?
  2. How have you been?
  3. How’s everything? 
  4. What’s going on? 
  5. What’s new?
  6. What’s up?
  7. Whassup?
  8. What are you up to? 
  9. How’s it going?
  10. How are things?
  11. You all right?
  12. How have you been?
  13. How are things going?
  14. Are you well?
  15. What’s going on?
  16. How are you feeling?
  17. What are you up to?
  18. What’s sizzling?
  19. How do you do?
  20. Howdy!
  21. What’s good in the hood?
  22. Long time no see!
  23. What’s new with you?
  24. How long has it been?
  25. Must be tough, huh?
  26. Sup?
  27. Anything interesting happening in your life lately?
  28. What is happening?
  29. How are you holding up?
  30. How are things coming along?
  31. What was the highlight of your day, so far?
  32. How was your day?
  33. How is life sailing?
  34. What was the good the bad and the ugly today?
  35. What kinda day did you have?
  36. What are you heading?
  37. What have you been doing since we last talked?
  38. How’s everything little thing in your life?
  39. How do you fare?
  40. How’s it rolling?
  41. What’s up with the flow?
  42. What’s with the face?
  43. How’s everything coming together?
  44. How has the world treated you today?
  45. Hows it going today?
  46. Tell me about your day.
  47. Is there anything concerning you?
  48. What’s the latest buzz in your world?
  49. Was your day eventful?
  50. Did someone rain on your parade today?
  51. Did your day go well?
  52. Hows life treating you today?
  53. Did your day prove productive?
  54. Was today a good day for you?
  55. Was today a breeze?
  56. Did your day fly by effortless?
  57. What’s shakin’?
  58. What happened today?
  59. Did the stars fall for you today?
  60. Has the cosmos blessed your day today?
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