130+ Amazing Examples of Simple Sentences: Best Unique Simple & Short Sentences in English


Examples of Simple Sentences

What is a simple sentence example? What are 5 examples of simple sentences? What are 10 examples of sentences? What are 20 examples of simple sentences? What are 100 simple sentences? Where is a simple sentence? give 10 examples of simple sentences.

In total, when learning the English language, many people put their focus on learning concise terms and short sentences to reach the level of writing and speaking better English. In fact, learning simple short sentences in English about daily communication could help English learners become accurate and skilled users of English. This post compiles more than 200 examples of simple sentences in English that will surely help you improve your language and guide you toward speaking and writing better English.

What Are 5 Examples of Simple Sentences?

The list below gives useful examples of 5 sentences in English:

  1. We are going on vacation this week.
  2. The books are on the shelf.
  3. Kim always gets up at 6 o’clock.
  4. My parents traveled to Paris last year.
  5. Some birds are nesting on the roof of our house.

What Are 10 Simple Sentences? 10 Example of Simple Sentence

The following list covers 10 interesting small short sentences in English:

  1. We love to speak English.
  2. Ricardo is from Puerto Rico.
  3. The novel costs ten dollars.
  4. Patricia earns a very good salary.
  5. The white cat is under the sofa.
  6. The hotel is near the station.
  7. Mike watches television every night
  8. Liz was late for the train this morning.
  9. Do you have brothers or sisters?
  10. Julia is the best student in my class.

20 Examples of Simple Sentences in English

This chart provides valuable examples of 20 sentences in English.

20 Examples of Simple Sentences in English
Gabby loves to play with the kitten.
We sent the little girl a box of candy.
Two rabbits are hiding behind the bush.
My mom speaks five different languages.
Is it cold in Canada?
The kids were frightened during the storm.
The Mediterranean sea is between Africa and Europe.
Are Mr. and Mrs. Yazaki Japanese?
The sisters have to go back home at five o’clock.
There is some more hot coffee in the cup.
He traveled from Paris to Manchester.
My brother doesn’t know any foreign language except Spanish.
The boys were tired after the long walk.
Catherine has got blue eyes and fair hair.
My parents will not be busy tomorrow.
Hanna will be in New York next week.
George is not working because it´s Sunday.
There are some lemon trees in the backyard.
How many days are there in a week?
How many children have you got?
The children are playing football now.

50 Examples of Simple Sentences: Short Sentences in English

These are 50 excellent examples of simple sentences:

  1. My father grows potatoes in our backyard.
  2. The kids are looking at the horse.
  3. What is your favorite season of the year?
  4. We go to the beach every summer.
  5. The kids have their lunch at school everyday.
  6. The cat jumped over the low fence.
  7. Nathan washed his car every Saturday.
  8. How many hours are there in a day?
  9. The sun rises in the east.
  10. Anna rides her bike to school.
  11. The candles are on the table.
  12. These pillows are very soft.
  13. There is a fly in the spiderweb.
  14. How many workers are there in the factory?
  15. Jennifer’s family wants to arrange a surprise party for her.
  16. Does your knee still hurt?
  17. Their parents get up at 7:15 every morning.
  18. What is the first month of the year?
  19. Ricky’s parents live in Florida.
  20. Her brother works from nine till four.
  21. May I borrow your bike?
  22. I sent some flowers to my sisters.
  23. Do you understand Chinese?
  24. We will wait till the rain stops.
  25. Water is good for health.
  26. Sam and Hanna do the dishes.
  27. He borrow some money.
  28. Linda is squeezing the grapefruit.
  29. Liza swam accross the river.
  30. They watched the game for three hours.
  31. The man who is driving the blue car is my father.
  32. There is a test on Monday.
  33. The train left the station on time.
  34. Sandra makes a living by teaching.
  35. Bees make honey.
  36. Alice visits her parents once a month.
  37. Somone is ringing the bell.
  38. The girl is sweating a lot.
  39. There are many parks in their town.
  40. William goes to bed early when he is tired.
  41. We eat vegetables almost every day.
  42. The Browns live in a small town.
  43. Mothers worry too much.
  44. Ben and Carole live on the coast of Maine.
  45. It is snowing again.
  46. Michelle makes lunch everyday.
  47. The secretary wrote down the number.
  48. Congratulations to the winner.
  49. The wolf is howling at the moon.
  50. My brother and I are planting the seeds in the garden.

Some Examples of 50 Simple Sentences in English

This inventory lists amazing examples of small and short sentences in English:

  1. Five people were hurt in the car accident.
  2. Can you lend me 10 dollars until tomorrow?
  3. I will see you at Madisson’s house.
  4. The students had a busy day at the library.
  5. The little boy is trying to open the window.
  6. Charlie has got blue trainers.
  7. Are the children happy?
  8. The road went through a forest.
  9. Anita sent us the directions to her new house.
  10. What time does the bus leave?
  11. Our new neghbors are from Italy.
  12. Diana and Samy are early for class today.
  13. Are your new friends Russian?
  14. The shoes are pretty expensive.
  15. Emma and her sister have got nice skirts.
  16. Where did you find the books?
  17. We gave the children some oranges.
  18. Kelly is cheerful in spite of her illness.
  19. Lyn doesn’t like to play volleyball.
  20. Alice was sorry to have kept us waiting.
  21. There is a monkey behind the tree.
  22. Is the table clean?
  23. She couldn’t find her keys.
  24. Owen has the ability to do the hard work.
  25. Can you hear my baby crying?
  26. Bryan is a good friend of mine.
  27. The milk is too hot for the baby.
  28. The waiter clears the table.
  29. I really don’t like iced coffee.
  30. Did Russell lose his wallet again?
  31. They are driving fast.
  32. The pizza tastes saulty.
  33. The boy appears healthy.
  34. Sidney was born on Sunday.
  35. Don’t let Pierre upset you!
  36. I usually do my shopping on Saturdays.
  37. Many colorful butterflies flutter from flower to flower.
  38. Oil and water don’t mix.
  39. I love the taste of onion and garlic.
  40. The post office is closed at the weekend.
  41. What are your plans for the coming week?
  42.  A bad hurricane struck the town.
  43. Does Matthew have a new job?
  44. We take this road to California.
  45. Tracey does not have enough money.
  46. Do they you paid weekly or monthly?
  47. Hector writes a weekly column for the ‘Newsweek’.
  48. Wintery weather is forecast for the next month.
  49. Thier parents have to weed the front garden.
  50. His careless mistake cost them a lot of money.
Examples of Simple Sentences in English

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