Effectively or Affectively: Best 20 Example Sentences to Understand The Difference Between Affectively Vs. Effectively



There is a lot of uncertainty revolving around these two commonly confused pairs: Effectively or affectively. A lot of people often ask these questions: Is it effectively or affectively? How do you use effectively and affectively in a sentence? Communicate effectively or affectively? effectively or affectively definition? when to use effective or affective?
In general, learning the meaning together with the main differences between effectively vs. affectively will have a subtle impact on deciding how and when to use these commonly confused pairs.

This post will cover the meanings and definitions of the two confusing words effectively vs. affectively. Also, it will shed light on the main difference between the two. At the end of the post, example sentences will be illustrated to clear up the confusion.

Is it Effectively or Affectively?

As a whole, both words effectively vs. affectively are correct. First, the word affectively is an adverb that means doing something in a manner that is connected with emotions, affections, and attitudes. Second, Effectively is also an adverb that means doing something in a way that is successful and achieves what someone wants.

in a way that is influenced by emotions, is a result of emotions, or expresses emotion.
in a way that is connected with emotions and attitudes
having a definite or desired effect
in a manner that works well, so as to produce the results that were intended,
is it effectively or affectively

To put it simply, Affectively means a manner of doing something with feelings, affection, and emotions. Effectively means a way of doing something productively, in a manner that works well, with a good or successful result.

Is It Effectively or Affectively? Sentence Examples

The following examples will help you spot and figure out the difference between these commonly confused pairs:

  • Marital life, for the last year, had affectively not existed for Jessica.
  • Good teachers need to be able to communicate ideas effectively.

Effectively or affectively Sentence Examples

Affectively Sentence Examples

  1. Her new novel involves deeper emotions that affectively touch the reader.
  2. Their son is an affectively disturbed man.
  3. The whole situation was affectively under their parents’ control.
  4. It is taken for garden women value affectively oriented communication skills more than men, 
  5. Robert is a manager who has the ability and the skill to affectively and cognitively solve solutions.
  6. Dorothy had a growing desire to improve her level and was affectively motivated to apply for online courses.
  7. Charlie is a good teacher who is able to maintain affectively positive teacher-students reciprocal rapports.
  8. The firm offered him an affectively enticing salary.
  9. All of George’s allegations were in reality affectively unacceptable.
  10. Understanding clients’ needs and demands will affectively promote our success.

Effectively Sentence Examples

  1. Martha is very smart she has the skills to deal with the problem effectively.
  2. Cloé’s intervention has effectively changed the course of the whole conversation.
  3. The English teacher encourages all the students to use language effectively.
  4. The little girl couldn’t communicate her idea more effectively.
  5. Her bad judgment effectively put an end to her career.
  6. Our family’s plan will effectively lead to great success.
  7. Her personal preferences and planning always work effectively.
  8. His little family was able to bear effectively the full cost of their new business.
  9. they think that their siblings cannot act effectively unless they act honestly.
  10. The CEO makes an attempt to make the company work more effectively.
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