Laying in Bed or Lying in Bed? Best 20 Example Sentences To Understand Laying vs Lying


laying in bed or lying in bed? Best 20 Example Sentences To Understand Laying vs Lying

It seems there is some confusion about which phrase to use: laying in bed or lying in bed? a lot of people ask questions revolving around this uncertainty: laying in bed or lying in bed? Laying vs. Lying: Which One Should You Use? Is it laying or lying on the couch? Is a person laying or lying? Is it laying or lying on the ground? Is it laid in bed? What is the mean of laying? Does lying have two meanings?

In general, learning the meaning together with the main differences between laying vs. lying will have a subtle impact on deciding how and when to use these commonly confused pair.

As a whole, the difference between “lie” and “lay” is actually pretty easy to understand:

Is It Lying in Bed or Laying in Bed?

laying in bed or lying in bed? Best 20 Example Sentences To Understand Laying vs. Lying

The verb lay has an object. The verb lie does not. “Lay” is a transitive verb; “Lie” is an intransitive verb.

To lay something somewhere: to put something carefully in a particular place or position

To lie somewhere: to be or remain in a particular place

To lie somewhere: to be or to rest in a flat or horizontal position

Putting something somewhere
Laying requires a direct object.
You lay something down.
Being located somewhere
Lying does not require a direct object.
You lie down.
Lay Lie Difference: laying vs. lying

Remember that laying and lying are the present participles of the verbs lay and lie. You can only lay something but you cannot lie it. Something can lie somewhere, but it cannot lay there.

laying in bed or lying in bed? What is the difference between laying and lying?

Laying Vs Lying on bed Sentences Examples:

Let’s have a look at this example that will help you figure out the difference between these commonly confused pair:

  • Julia is lying on the bed. This sentence is correct
  • Julia is laying the blanket on the bed. This is correct
  • Julia is laying on the bed. This is wrong

Laying vs Lying Sentence Examples:

Laying Sentence Examples:

  1. She is laying the baby gently down on its bed
  2. We are laying a new carpet
  3. Our four chickens are laying eggs
  4. The little boys are laying their toys on the floor
  5. Mom was busy laying the table
  6. The students are laying their dictionaries on the desk
  7. He is laying newspapers on the table
  8. Three pictures are laying flat on top
  9. His wife is laying her hand on his shoulder
  10. Samy is always laying her purse on the floor

Lying Sentence Examples:

  1. Peter was lying on the beach.
  2. Judy is lying flat on the bed
  3. The little kitten is lying in the sun
  4. My sister loves lying on her comfy couch
  5. The old woman was lying unconscious at the front door
  6. Emily was lying fast asleep
  7. Jasper was lying awake at night watching the rain
  8. She was lying ill for days
  9. The twins are lying still trying to sleep.
  10. Her keys were lying under the mat.
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laying in bed or lying in bed?

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