Best Plural vs Possessive Worksheet Pdf FREE Download


Best Plural vs Possessive Worksheet Pdf FREE Download

Are you looking for some plural vs possessive worksheet pdf free to download? are you asking these questions: Possessive Vs Plural? possessive s vs plural free worksheets? plural vs possessive examples? What is plural or possessive? How do you teach plural possessive nouns? if so, then you have come to the right place.

In fact, it is pretty common that ESL learners confuse the plural form of nouns (girls) with the possessive form (girl’s or girls’), thus they misuse apostrophes.

This post compiles some of the best plural vs possessive worksheet pdf which will help students depict that possessive nouns show ownership and require an apostrophe, and plural nouns are used to show more than one of something and just get an “s” added to them. These worksheets encourage students to identify the difference between possessive vs plural nouns.

Best Plural vs Possessive Worksheet Pdf FREE Download
Best Plural vs Possessive Worksheet Pdf FREE Download

Plural vs Possessive Examples

The Possessive Form of Nouns

In general, we use the possessive form of a noun to show ownership. Nouns in English form the possessive in two ways: they become the object of the preposition of, or they add the ending -’s (apostrophe plus -s). Let’s have a look at these examples:

  • the roar of a lion. a lion’s roar
  • the toy of the baby. the baby’s toy.
  • the leaves of the tree. the tree’s leaves.

Please remember that:

To make the possessive form, put an apostrophe and an s ’s after a singular noun.This is my bed and that is my sister’s bed.
when two names are linked by and are the owners; put an ’s after the second name onlySabine and Jame’s house is very big
After plural nouns that don’t end in s, use an apostrophe and an ’s to make the possessive form.The children’s room is always untidy.
After plural nouns that end in s, just add an apostrophe s’.The boys’ bedroom is bigger than the girls’ bedroom.
When a name ends in s, you can make the possessive form in
either of two ways: add an apostrophe and an s ’s , or add
just an apostrophe ’ .
This is James’s house. or This is James’ house.
Best Plural vs Possessive Worksheet Pdf FREE Download

Plural Nouns

Most English plurals are formed quite simply; we add -s to the end of a noun. For example:

  • a dog. dogs
  • a building. buildings
  • a computer. computers
  • a chair. chairs
  • a train. trains
  • a player. players
  • a mountain. mountains
  • a river. rivers
  • an envelope. envelopes
  • a teacher. teachers
  • a taxi. taxis

However, This is not always the case, some nouns follow a different pattern. For more examples, please check out this post about plural forms.

Possessive S Vs Plural S:

As a whole, we use the plural to talk about more than one person, place, or thing. Most plural nouns end in the letter s. We don’t use an apostrophe when we form a plural noun. For example:

  • Janet has five balloons.

We use the possessive form of a noun to show ownership or belonging. Most possessive nouns end with an apostrophe and the letter s. For example:

  • Today is Janet’s birthday.

Plural vs Possessive Exercises

Change the possessive phrase in red to a possessive ending in -’s. For example:

  • The color of the book is blue.
  • The book’s color is blue.
  1. The desk of my father is always clean.
  2. The ribbons of the girl are pink.
  3. The room of my sister is filled with the scent of the roses.
  4. The blanket of Jessy is covered in flowers.
  5. The dress of Julia is very nice.
  6. The food of my mother is delicious.
  7. The eggs of the chicken hatched yesterday.
  8. The neck of the giraffe is very long.
  9. The doll of Emily has red hair.
  10. I am invited to the house of Brian for tea.

Change each noun in the following sentences to the plural. Make any necessary changes to the verbs.

  1. The old woman has a broken tooth.
  2. A goose is flying over the lake.
  3. Does the student know the new teacher?
  4. My sister wants to buy a dish, a pan, and knife.
  5. The child saw a big ox in the zoo.
  6. This man has a dirty truck.
  7. That person hurts my foot.
  8. This watch costs too much
  9. Their baby cries at night.
  10. The lady in pink is my friend.

Complete the chart by adding the singular possessive and the plural possessive of each noun:

nounsingular possessiveplural possessive

Write the plural or possessive form of the noun in parenthesis. Then, tell whether each noun is plural or possessive:

  1. Did you go to __________________ house last night? (Sally) plural or possessive?
  2. My_______ soles have holes in them. (boot) plural or possessive?
  3. These _________ are pretty easy. (question) plural or possessive?
  4. _______ leaves turn orange in the fall. (tree) plural or possessive?
  5. Tomorrow I will go to the _______ clinic for a checkup. (doctor) plural or possessive?
  6. Our _________ eggs hatched this morning. (chicken) plural or possessive?
  7. The train was fifteen _______ late. (minute) plural or possessive?
  8. _______ pants are blue. (Lucy) plural or possessive?
  9. His ________ tire was flat. (bicycle) plural or possessive?
  10. The _____ food is delicious. (cook) plural or possessive?

Choose a plural or a possessive noun to fill in the blanks:

Lily’s Trip to the Zoo

Lucy went with her ______ (parents/ parents’) to the zoo. She saw many kinds of______ (animals/ animal’s) there. The ______ (giraffe/ giraffe’s) neck was very long. There were three ______ (monkeys/ monkeys’) playing together. The ______ (woodchucks’/ woodchucks) teeth were very sharp and long. Lucy saw five _____ (bears/ bears’). The _____ (zebras/zebra’s) black stripes were so beautiful. The _______ ( elephants/ elephant’s) truncks were long and strong. The _______ (lion’s/ lions) paw was furry. Lucy and her parents had wonderful ______ (moments/ moments’) at the zoo.

Best Plural vs Possessive Worksheet Pdf FREE Download

Best Plural vs Possessive Worksheet Pdf FREE Download
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