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Are you asking these questions: when should I use is there any vs are there any in English? which is correct Is there any Apple or are there any apples? Is There A, Is There Any, Are There Any differences?

As a general rule, Is there any …? and Are there any …? are both questions forms of “There is … ” and “There are …” We use There and there are to show that something exists in a particular location. We use there is with singular nouns and there are with plural nouns. For instance:

There is a whiteboard in our classroom.There are two pens on Sandy’s desk.
There is a dove on the fence.There are three bottles on the floor.
There is a white sheep in the field.There are thirty-one days in July.
There is a wonderful restaurant on 26rd Avenue.There are many dirty plates in the sink.
is there any vs are there any

However, when should we use is there any vs are there any in English? What is the main difference between the two?

is there any vs are there any: when should I use is there any vs are there any in English

How to Use “I there Any “? Example Sentences of Is there Any

We use “is there any” with uncountable nouns. Uncountable nouns in English are nouns that cannot be counted.

Examples of uncountable nouns are:

bread, air, rice, water, sugar, milk, advice, furniture, money, information, etc.

Therefore, we use the question “ is there any milk?” to ask if there is some milk. Here, we want to know if there is some milk or if there is no milk.

In questions, we use any or how much with uncountable nouns. For example:

Is there any water?
How much lemon juice is there?

Remember that uncountable nouns are always considered singular, even if there is a lot of sugar, bread, coffee, or water.  

Hence, we use ‘There is’ with third-person singular nouns.

Nevertheless, there is an exception that we should note which is we can similarly use “is there any other…?’ to ask about a singular alternative or option which is much better than the current choice.

Let us have a look at this example:

Is there any other playground?” the idea here is that we don’t like this playground. Is there another one?

“is there any vs are there any”: “Is There Any” Example Sentences:

Here are some“is there any … ?” example sentences:

  • Is there any milk in the fridge?
  • Is there any orange juice in the bottle?
  • Is there any rice in the box?
  • Is there any cheese on the table?
  • Is there any other hotel we could book?
  • Is there any other doctor?
  • Is there any other park?

A note to remember: ‘is there any…?’ can only be used with uncountable nouns. So, we cannot say for instance: ” is there any pot in the sink?” this sentence is grammatically incorrect since the word pot is countable. Instead, we should say:

is there a pot in the sink?

Are there any pots in the sink?

Is there any other pot in the sink?

How to Use “Are there Any “? Example Sentences of Is there Any

is there any vs are there any: when should I use is there any vs are there any in English

Let’s have a look at these examples:

  • Are there any ducks in the pond?
  • Are there any eggs in the fridge?
  • Are there any skyscrapers in the city?

We notice that we use ‘are there any…?’ with plural countable nouns like ducks, eggs, skyscrapers.

As a general rule, we use ‘are there any…?’ with third-person plural nouns.

In this sentence: Are there any chairs? we want to make sure if there are chairs or not. In fact, the quantity is not important as we just want to know if there are some chairs or no chairs. The correct answers to the previous question might be:

  • Yes, there are a lot of chairs.
  • Yes, there are a few chairs.
  • No, there aren’t any chairs.

“is there any vs are there any”: “Are There Any” Example Sentences:

  • Are there any seats for us?
  • Are there any pencils for the students?
  • Are there any owls in the tree?
  • Are there any letters for me?
  • Are there any good restaurants?
  • Are there any clients?
  • Are there any more roses?”

“is there any vs are there any” Practice Exercise:

Make questions with Is there any or Are there Any as in the example:

  • fruit juice in the fridge.
  • is there any fruit juice in the fridge?
  1. letters for me?
  2. olive oil in the bottle?
  3. trains to London this evening?
  4. bread?
  5. rice in the box?
  6. money in your bank account?
  7. problems?
  8. mistakes in my writing?
  9. sugar left?
  10. trees in your garden?
  11. keys in that drawer?
  12. other playground in the downtown?

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