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Are you asking these questions: what are top English apple idioms and phrases? what is an apple idiom? What are some apple sayings? what are apple expressions? Is an apple a day an idiom? What is the idioms of apple of discord? Is the apple of my eye? What is the idiom of apple pie order? What is the meaning of idiom apple of one’s eye? Is Bad apple an idiom? How do like them apples? What are road apples? What is the meaning of a bad apple?

In general, idioms are sayings and phrases that are used to mean something different from what is literally being said. This particular meaning is figurative. Many popular English idioms involve apples.

This post will shed light on some useful apple idioms that will help you boost your day-to-day English speaking and conversations.

Apple Idioms Examples

Top 29 English Apple Idioms And Phrases With Meaning & Examples

1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Meaning: It is a common English proverb that advocates the fact that eating one apple every day ” and fruits and vegetables in general” can help you stay healthy.

Example Sentence: I asked one of my friends who rarely gets sick: ” How do maintain good health?” she answered me: ” Well, as the saying goes; an apple a day keeps the doctor away. I always eat fruits and vegetables; I drink plenty of water and I get enough sleep.

2. A bad apple

Meaning: A bad, dishonest or unpleasant person whose words or actions have a negative impact on an entire group of people.

Example Sentence: Ashley is really a bad apple; whenever she visits us, problems occur in the family.

3. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

Meaning: typically said when a child shows similar characters or similar qualities to his or her parents.

Example Sentence: Jenny’s daughter soon showed her own love for art and painting, proving that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

4. As American as apple pie

Meaning: describes things that represent the best of American culture.

Example Sentence: Baseball is as American as apple pie.

5. The apple of someone’s eye

Meaning: the person who someone cherishes and loves most and is very proud of.

Example Sentence: Peter’s youngest child was the apple of his eye.

6. Apples and oranges

Meaning: Two unlike things or people which are popularly thought to be incomparable

Example Sentence: Comparing the way my two sisters think and react is like comparing apples to oranges. They are totally different.

7. The Big Apple

 Meaning: It is a nickname for New York City.

Example Sentence: Susie will move to the Big Apple after she graduates.

8. “How ’bout them apples?” and “How do you like them apples?”

Meaning: an expression you say to someone to let them know how clever or successful you are, particularly when you have done something better than they have.

Example Sentence: Jeremy always bragged about being the first in his Maths class. Lately, Samantha had got the first mark and said: ” Hey, Jeremy, how do you like them apples? It looks you’re not always the best in the class after all”

9. Apple-knocker

Meaning: a narrow-minded, ignorant or unsophisticated person.

Example Sentence: Some arrogant people regard countryside residents as apple-knockers 

10. Apple does not fall far from the stem

Similar to the expression ” The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

11. Be in apple-pie order

Meaning: arranged in a neat and perfect order

Example Sentence: My mother is a busy bee who’s always cleaning. Our house is in apple-pie order.

12. Second bite of the apple

Meaning: a second opportunity or chance to do or to get something.

Example Sentence: Our Maths teacher is really tolerant and nice. Since the majority of the class failed the exam she decided to give us a second bite of the apple by allowing us to take the test again.

13. Polish the apple

Meaning: Try to win favor through flattery.

Example Sentence: James is always polishing the apple with the boss as an attempt to get a raise or a promotion.

14. Apple-Polisher

Meaning: a flatterer; a person who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage.

Example Sentence: Dennis is an apple-polisher; he is trying to get extra marks

15. Like Comparing Apples To Oranges

Meaning: Comparing two things that are different.

Example Sentence: You can’t compare my job as a journalist to yours as a nurse; It’s like comparing apples and oranges

16. Apple of discord

Meaning: something that causes unhappiness, conflict, or misunderstanding.

Example Sentence: Why aren’t you talking to your sister today? What is the apple of discord here?

17. The green apple quickstep

Meaning: slang Diarrhea, especially that which is contracted while traveling.

Example Sentence: The little Denis was housebound all week with a case of the green apple quickstep.

18. To Mix Apples And Oranges

Similar to the expression “Like Comparing Apples To Oranges”

19. Wise apple

Meaning: a person who is irritating because they behave as if they know everything.

Example Sentence: the kid in the front row is a wise apple.

20. A rotten apple spoils the barrel/ One bad apple spoils the whole bunch

Meaning: refers to someone who creates problems for other people, and whose behaviors or actions negatively influence the larger group.

Example Sentence: Carl is the rotten apple that spoils the barrel in our office.

21. Apples and rice / apples and spice

Meaning: Australian rhyming slang for nice.

Example Sentence: Don’t worry about the whole matter; it’s apples and rice!

22. Worm in the apple

Meaning: The presence of a flaw in something good; a problem that ruins everything else.

Example Sentence: Harry is like the worm in the apple. He always spoils our game.

23. Apples to apples

Meaning: Having a fair and equal comparison between two things.

Example Sentence: Parents cannot compare Elena and Sabina. They are apples to apples

24. One Smart Apple

Meaning: a particularly smart or clever person.

Example Sentence: Jack is one smart apple. He is always the first in his class.

25. Upset the apple cart

Meaning: to cause trouble, especially by spoiling somebody’s plans

Example Sentence: Look! I really don’t want to upset the applecart by asking you to change the timing of the barbecue party, but I am truly helpless.

26 Road Apple

Meaning: a piece of horse dropping; A thing that causes trouble or unhappiness

Example Sentence: Linda’s family was so poor; they had to go around collecting road apples and dry them to use them for fuel.

27. (as) Easy as apple pie

Meaning: very easy; requiring very little effort or skill.

Example Sentence: The students are very happy because the test was as easy as apple pie.

28. Trade off the orchard for an apple

Meaning: to be concerned with the details rather than the whole situation or problem.

Example Sentence: Mellisa trades off the orchard for an apple. She is just worried about one aspect of the whole project.

29. Mom and apple pie

Meaning: used to represent things that most Americans traditionally believe to be very good and important.

Example Sentence: wearing jeans is as American as mom and apple pie

30. She is apple

Meaning: used to indicate that everything is going to be fine.

Example Sentence: “don’t worry! she’s apples, all is going well!”

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