58 Nifty & Novel List of Positive Adjectives That Start With N With Example Sentences


positive adjectives that start with n with example sentences

Are you looking for novel and nifty positive adjectives that start with N with example sentences? What is a positive word starting with N? What is a good n words to describe someone? What is the adjective starting with N? What is a nice word for N? How do you describe someone with N? and what personality starts with N?

It is thought that the letter N is quite commonly used in English Language. Nourish your writing compositions with this noteworthy list of positive adjectives starting with N. These adjectives are pretty nimble N words that will help nourish and boost your vocabulary, so that you could positively describe a person or a thing using nifty N adjectives.

Positive Adjectives That Start With NA With Meaning

  1. nail-biting: excitingly full of suspense
  2. naive: simple, innocent, and unsophisticated
  3. nascent: coming into being
  4. natal: connected with birth
  5. national: belonging to a particular nation
  6. nationwide: extending over the whole of a nation
  7. native: being or belonging to the place of one’s upbringing; natural
  8. natty: flashily smart, clever; ingenious
  9. natural: normal; innate, simple, easy, and direct; relating to nature
  10. natural-born: native
  11. nautical: relating to ships, sailors, or navigation
  12. naval: relating to a navy or to ships
  13. navigable: able to be sailed along or through; seaworthy; steerable
positive adjectives that start with n with example sentences

Positive Adjectives That Start With NE With Meaning

  1. nearby: a short distance away; close at hand; not far away.
  2. neat: tidy and methodical: elegantly simple in form; brief, clear, and pointed; cleverly executed; dexterous. showing care and a concern for order
  3. necessary: something that is needed; requiring to be done, achieved, etc.; requisite; essential; determined, existing
  4. nee: born; used in adding a married woman’s maiden name after her surname)
  5. needful: necessary; requisite
  6. negotiable: open to discussion; able to be negotiated.
  7. neighborly: friendly; kind; familiar and helpful 
  8. neonatal: relating to newly born children
  9. neoteric: recent, new and fashionable
  10. nervy: bold; impudent; pushy; showing calm courage
  11. nestling: newly hatched.
  12. net: remaining after all expenses
  13. never-failing: unfailing
  14. new:of recent origin or arrival; made, discovered, acquired, or experienced recently or now for the first tine
  15. newborn: recently born; made new or strong again
  16. newfangle: of the newest style; novel
  17. new-fashioned: current, up-to-date
  18. newsworthy: interesting or important enough to be reported as news

Positive Adjectives That Start With NI With Meaning

  1. nice: pleasant, kind, polite, and friendly; of good quality; done very well; well behaved
  2. nifty: clever, adroit, agile, stylish; very unusual and attractive
  3. nimble: quick and light in movement or action; (of the mind) quick to comprehend, agile, clever
  4. nimble-witted: quick in understanding and learning, clever; having the ability to respond quickly and effectively.
  5. niminy-piminy: prim and refined; well-mannered
  6. nippy: quick; nimble; active
  7. nitid: spruce, shining and bright; smart

Positive Adjectives That Start With NO & NU With Meaning

  1. nobby: chic; stylish and smart
  2. noble: excellent; admirable; having or showing very fine or admirable qualities; of very high birth or rank
  3. noetic: relating to the mind
  4. non-addictive: not causing addiction. 
  5. non-belligerent: taking no part in a war, not aggressive, not engaged in hostilities
  6. nonchalant: calm and casual; showing or having a relaxed manner free from concern or excitement
  7. nonpareil: unrivaled or unique
  8. nonperishable: able to be stored for a long time without spoiling
  9. normal: conforming to a standard; regular; usual; free from mental or emotional disorder
  10. notable: deserving special notice; remarkable; very successful or respected; distinguished
  11. noted: well-known and highly regarded
  12. noteworthy: worthy of attention; remarkable
  13. noticeable: deserving notice; likely to attract attention
  14. nourished: fed; provided with nourishment
  15. nourishing: containing much nourishment,
  16. novel: new and different from what is already known; of a new kind or nature
  17. now: at the present or mentioned time; immediately
  18. nubile: marriageable; mature; attractive 
  19. numinous: spiritual, sublime
  20. nutritious: nourishing; providing nutrition

Positive Adjectives That Start With N with Example Sentences

  1. Mrs. Jane Brown, nee Johnson
  2. The team won after a nervy performance.
  3. We made a net profit of eight dollars.
  4. He loves these newfangled gadgets.
  5. Amy is wearing a nifty outfit for school today
  6. Adam has such a nimble mind
  7. He was a noble person of courage and honesty
  8. She was surprisingly nonchalant about winning the award
  9. The little girl’s grace was nonpareil
  10. Bella’s oil paintings are noteworthy for their great quality and beauty.

Positive Adjectives That Start With N Infographics

What are adjectives that begin with N? adjectives that start with n
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