What Are 20 Examples Of Interjections? Best Interjections Examples With Meaning


20 Examples of Interjections In Sentences

You are here because you might be asking the following questions: What are the 20 examples of interjections? What are the 10 examples of interjection? How to express emotions in English using interjections? What are some examples of interjections? What are the most common interjections? Do interjections show emotion?

As a whole, interjections are used to show how people feel about something. In general, interjections might be sounds, short words that could show and express a wide spectrum of such feelings and emotions as anger, shock, surprise, fear, sadness, disappointment, etc.

In some cases, nouns and adjectives might function as interjections. Still, when used as interjections, adjectives and nouns do not have any relation with the rest of the sentence components.

It is essential to understand interjections since they are often used by English native speakers.

What Are 20 Examples Of Interjections?

An interjection is a part of speech which is used for a number of purposes such as conveying a particular feeling or emotion and getting the audiences’ attention. This list compiles some primary examples of interjections:

Oh, no!used to show disappointment.
Oi! / hey!a way of getting someone’s attention, often when they’re far away
Argh!to show frustration or anger.
Boo!to frighten someone
Blah, blah, blah!to show that you’re bored with someone’s non-stop talking.
Whoops!to show that you’ve made a mistake.
Tuta sound you make with your tongue when you do something wrong, or to show that you’re angry.
Shh!to tell someone to be quiet.
Uh-huhto show that you’re following what someone is saying. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you agree with them.
Ow!to show that you’re in pain.
Hey!to show surprise or anger, or to get someone’s attention.
Hmto show that you aren’t sure about something and that you’re thinking about it.
Aha!to show that you’re pleased because you’ve finally understood something.
Whoa!to tell someone to stop.
Ahem!this is the sound that’s made when you clear your throat. It’s typically used to attract someone’s attention.
Wow!to express surprise.
Mmmto show pleasure.
yahoo to express joy or happiness
Oh!to show surprise
Yummy!a way of showing that you like food
Psstto get someone’s attention in a quiet place.
Phew!to show relief because danger has passed.
Ah!to show that you like something.
Jeez!used to show surprise or annoyance.
Examples of Interjections and What They Are

20 Examples of Interjections In Sentences

  1. Ah! That kitten is just so cute.
  2. Tut! It’s raining again.
  3. Yuk! There’s an insect in my soup!
  4. Argh! The tablet’s crashed again!
  5. This salad is yummy;!
  6. Psst! Come here! We need to talk.
  7. Shh! We’re trying to work in here.
  8. Ow! You stepped on my toe!
  9. Ahem, I think this is my seat.
  10. Wow! That’s amazing! I love it!
  11. Hey! It was my turn!
  12. Whoops! I think this is your bag, isn’t it?
  13. Whoa! Hold it right there. What did you just say?
  14. Aha! I think I’ve worked out the answer!
  15. Blah, blah, blah. Don’t you ever stop talking?
  16. Hm.. I’m not sure I like this.
  17. Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realise you were there.
  18. Phew! They didn’t see us.
  19. Oh, no; Our team have lost again.
  20. Oi! That’s my parking space!

20 Examples of Interjections In Sentences: Infographic

20 Examples of Interjections In Sentences: Infographic
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