Paragraph On Noise Pollution In 100 Words: Best Noise Pollution paragraph In English For Students


Paragraph On Noise Pollution In 100 Words

paragraph on noise pollution in 100 words

It is undoubtedly true that writing is an excellent way of learning, Writing a paragraph or an essay is an essential tool that helps students practice and improve their writing skills. Therefore, students are usually assigned writing exercises about several topics like noise pollution.

The following paragraph is a good noise pollution paragraph for students. This paragraph tackles the following blueprints: What is noise pollution? Is noise a major sort of pollution? what are the main causes and effects of noise pollution? How to reduce noise pollution?

Paragraph On Noise Pollution In 100 Words: How Do You Write A Noise Pollution Paragraph?

What is noise pollution in short? paragraph on noise pollution in 100 words.

Noise pollution is one of the major pollutions nowadays. When the amount of noise exceeds the normal harmless thresholds with respect to hearing acuity, it becomes noxious to humans, animals, and the ecosystem as a whole. In fact, noise pollution is omnipresent. There exist various factors of noise pollution on our planet. For example, road, rail, and air transportation are considered causes of noise pollution. Additionally, different professional and domestic appliances and devices that make our lives easier, like lawnmowers, televisions, mixers, washing machines, and vacuum cleaners contribute to noise pollution and have dangerous and harmful effects too. Consequently, noise pollution has a number of serious negative impacts on humans and wildlife as well. Firstly, noise pollution has harmful effects on human health: stress, sleep disorders, effects on the cardiovascular, immune, and endocrine systems, besides some other consequences on mental health. Secondly, high levels of noise might damage the eardrums and sometimes even lead to deafness. Thirdly, noise also affects animal species. For example, whales and dolphins are particularly threatened by underwater noise pollution the fact that might cause behavioral changes, and in some cases, the death of certain species. In short, people should be aware of the negative impact of noise pollution. Likewise, they must be encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle to avoid noise pollution. People should reduce noise pollution starting from their houses. That is to say, electronics should be used only when necessary. Car honking and playing loud music on roads and highways should be avoided. Social events like festivals, marriages, parties and other celebrations using firecrackers and high volume should be limited and regulated. As a result, If everyone starts doing the same on an individual level, people will surely be able to decrease noise pollution to a great level.

Paragraph On Noise Pollution In 100 Words

Essay On Noise Pollution 300 Words

When people speak of pollution they generally mean pesticides, acid rain, nuclear waste, and chemical sludge dumped into rivers. they rarely allude to noise, but, in my opinion, they should mention it because it is a major sort of pollution.

I have heard of men firing on youngsters who bothered them with the roar made by their motorcycles. This is the typical behavior of individuals maddened by the permanent uproar of a big city, the din of the traffic, and the lack of sleep because of noisy neighbors. Noise is one of the most unpleasant features of modern life.

Most governments have done their best to reduce noise: building barriers along highways to protect suburban houses from the sound of the traffic, putting bans on transistors in public places, issuing a law against people who disturb the peace at night, forbidding supersonic bangs, building new airports as far as possible from dwelling places. Levels of tolerance are recorded and statistics are produced to provide the basis for future legislation.

That’s all very well but it is not enough. Nobody can protect people against themselves. I’m thinking of the personal stereo.

Some may argue that is not noise but music. I agree but it is dangerous anyway. That permanent music, or whatever it is, in someone’s ears must prevent any kind of purposeful or disciplined mental activity. It is not uncommon to see people snapping their fingers, shaking their heads in a totally unconscious gesture.

Many doctors now observe that more and more people are having hearing troubles at an early age. The permanent clash and thunder of our modern machinery together with the excessive use of earphones are said to be responsible for this.

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