List of Words to Describe Winter+Beautiful Free ESL Printable of 16 Winter Vocabulary Word List

words to describe winter

Words to Describe Winter

Winter is the coldest season of the year. It comes after fall and before spring. People may ask how would you describe the winter? or what are words for winter? What is associated with winter?

When we think of winter we recall snow, cold temperatures, and warm clothing. Also, some animals such as chipmunks and bears hibernate in winter. 

The following is a compiled list of words that will help you describe the winter season and winter activities.

Words to describe winter

What are Some Winter Words? Common Adjectives Related to Winter :

  1. white
  2. icy
  3. cozy
  4. isolating
  5. lonely
  6. arctic
  7. bare
  8. insulated
  9. bleak
  10. freezing
  11. misty
  12. glacial
  13. isolated
  14. absolute zero
  15. cold
  16. jingling
  17. indoor
  18. chilling
  19. leafless
  20. bitter cold
  21. crackling
  22. blustery
  23. hypothermic
  24. clear
  25. boring
  26. intensifying
  27. frosty
  28. northern
  29. chilly
  30. ice cold
  31. below zero
  32. opaline
  33. cloudy
  34. fleecy
  35. crunchy
  36. crystalline
  37. windy
  38. barren
  39. dark
  40. bored
  41. flannel
  42. ice-kissed
  43. powdery
  44. melting
  45. nippy
  46. shivering
  47. drafty
  48. wintertime
  49. overcast
  50. biting
  51. polar
  52. extreme
  53. fireside
  54. snowy
  55. fluffy
  56. pure white
  57. dismal
  58. numb
  59. wet cold
  60. slushy
  61. drenched
  62. enchanted
  63. sparkling
  64. foggy
  65. dreary
  66. frostbitten
  67. snowed in
  68. frozen
  69. sedentary
  70. toasty
  71. severe
  72. depressing
  73. slippery
  74. glistening
  75. toasting
  76. gray
  77. stuck inside
  78. gusty
  79. hazy
  80. heated
  81. relentless
  82. snowbound
  83. wintry
  84. spiced
  85. frigid
  86. toasted
  87. unending
  88. wet
  89. harsh

What are words that describe winter? Winter Vocabulary Word List

words to describe winter
what are some winter words?

Words Related to the Winter Season : Winter Noun List

snowballchiligray days
icy blast pineconerunny nose
chilly morningwhite sunchimney
howling windice skateswool blanket
ice fishinghailnew fallen snow
pine garlandshort daysflakes
frozen rainrain bootssea ice
seasonal affective disorderthermometercookies and milk
crackling firelong underwearhot shower
freezing rainpeppermintwinter wreath
quiltweather forecastsleet
skiingsedentary lifestylebooties
bootsraindark skys
white sunlightheatersocks
indoor activitiesnorthern lightsslippers
winter chillwinter coatice bank
whiteoutrosy cheeksgentle snowflakes
hibernationsnow chainsski jump
candlewinter stormreflecting light
arctic blasthatsnowbirds
winter windglovesfog
blanket of snowcold floorswinter breeze
holidaysmittensfirst snowfall
layer of frostgalescarf
sea icefrozen pondsnow days
winter solsticesoupfrozen toes
coatwood stovehazardous driving
bare treesicy blastpenguin
mug of cocoafrostflannel pajamas
snow tiresWinter Olympicscold fingers
ice scrapersnowstormwinter blues
mistfleecelimited visibility
morning fogavalanchered cheeks
winter breakstewheavy clouds
hot chocolatewoolpine
icy conditionssnowball fighthot bath
snowsuitturtlenecktire chains
blizzardsweaterwhipping wind
firewinter wardrobeabominable snowman
ice rinksnowmanSkates 
Scarf Mittensfluffy snowCandle

What are words that describe winter? Other Beautiful Winter Words

chillswinter squash
winter solstice
snowball fights
frostbitespice cake
chopping wood
catch a snowflake on your tonguesnow day
cold fingers and toes
ice hockey New Year’s Eve
see your breath
downhill skiing
ice fishing
chilileafless, bare trees
ice climbing
festivea dark, wintery night
space heater
build a snowman
wool socks
shepherds pie
woodstovechicken and dumplings
the cold, gray light of dawn
ice scraper
root vegetables mountaineering
snowy splendor
hand warmers
coffee with cinnamon
mittensbread pudding
Beautiful Winter Words

What is associated with winter? Winter Word Search Printable

What is associated with winter? Winter Word Search Game

Words to Describe Winter

Words Related to Snow







covered in (with) snow

Words Related to Ice


thin ice

strong ice



ice cream

ice rink

ice skate





Winter Vocabulary Word List

Words Related to Winter Clothes and Outwears

  1. leather jacket 
  2. windcheater (UK) – windbreaker
  3. thermal socks
  4. mittens / mitts 
  5. gloves 
  6. bib pullover
  7. long johns 
  8. thermal underwear 
  9. winter boots 
  10. bomber jacket 
  11. wellingtons 
  12. raincoat 
  13. hoodie 
  14. bobble hat 
  15. aviator hat 
  16. fur hats 
  17. duffle coat 
  18. winter headbands 
  19. sheepskin coat
  20. toque 
  21. ear muffs 
  22. scarf 
  23. neck warmer 
  24. turtleneck
  25. sweater 
  26. thick sweater 
  27. coat 
  28. fur coat
  29. trench coat 
  30. down-padded coat 
  31. faux fur coat 

Sports Related to Winter

Printable List of Words Related to Winter


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